Beginner’s Guide To Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

A brilliant way to initiate your friends into the world of wine is to host a wine tasting party. Contrary to common belief, wine is not as complicated as it seems. Wine tasting doesn’t have to mean five star hotels, snobbish wine experts and gourmet food. In fact, arranging an amateur wine tasting at home is quite easy and a lot of fun.

Here is how you can throw a wine tasting party at home.

Decide a theme

Imagine, if you throw a party and decide to serve all types of Indian food wouldn’t it seem confusing and all over the place? Similarly, there are many types of wine. You can decide to do a basic tasting of reds or whites or narrow it down to a particular type like Cabernets or Merlots or Chardonnays. This will help you plan the rest of party better and keep your tasting focused. If you friends are experts who know their wine well, you can also attempt a ‘blind tasting’ session.

Size of the group

Appreciating wine is as much about experience as it is about taste and the wine itself. While you might want to invite all of your friends to this party, smaller groups are more conducive to discussion and sharing notes.


Ensure that you pick out the right glasses for the wine that you are going to serve at the event. Every type of wine has a corresponding glass and a reason why it is served in it. If not in detail, you can always follow these basic rules

  • Red wine is served in a rounder, wider bowl as it increases the rate of oxidation, which is considered more compatible with reds. The exposure to air smoothens out the complex flavours of red wine.
  • White wine glasses have a smaller mouth and narrower bowls it reduces the rate of oxidation to preserve the delicate nuances of white wine.

Also arrange for corkscrew, pitcher of water (to cleanse the palate between wines) and glasses.


Cheese and crackers are two essentials that should be on the table. You can refine the infamous cheese and wine combination by picking out a type cheese best suited for the wine. For example – Cheddar goes well with Shiraz, Feta Cheese should be served with Sauvignon Blanc and so on. In between different wines, crackers will provide your palate the desired break.

Additionally, a little research will also help you find food pairings for dinner or you could leave us a comment below and we will help you out with it.


It’s a wine tasting after all. Based on the wines you’ve picked out, do a little research and get to know it. Start with getting everyone to talk about what they’re smelling, tasting, and feeling. For conversation starters, think of questions that you could ask about the wine and points that you’d like to discuss. Do remember that there are not always right and wrong answers when it comes to wine, just as there can’t be a right and wrong when it comes to experiences.

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