A crazy night out on the town!

A night out is a welcome break from the mundane work week. But what happens when even your nights out start to become boring? Run-of-the-mill? Indistinguishable from each other?

Today we bring you a handy list of things to do on your next night out, to #breakfree from the mundane.

Let's start simple. Walk in to a bar, high-five the most strangers you can in 60 seconds. Bonus points for using the bar as a Slip-n-Slide, holding your hands up to receive high-fives from the ever-accommodating patrons and bartenders.

Since you have probably been politely asked to leave (thrown out of) the said bar by 3 mountainous bouncers, proceed to the next stop for the night. When ordering a drink, point to a random person at the other end of the bar and tell the barkeep, “I’ll have what she’s having.” Repeat this for every drink order. Pick different people to point at every time.

Feel sufficiently socially lubricated yet? Talk in a fake accent for the rest of the night. Pick something interesting, Eastern European maybe? Proceed to order a made-up cocktail using this accent. A Magic Wand Margarita? Or perhaps a Hazelnut Scotch Sour? Demand that you be served this drink no matter what. The bartender will probably give in and mix something up for you. Down this in a single gulp, and then proceed to complain about it.

Realise that now’s probably a good time to change locations, again. 

Find a stranger who’s drinking alone. Pretend this stranger is a long-lost friend. Make up fake details about where you’ve met before. See how long you can keep up the conversation. Bonus points if he/she buys you a drink.

Walk up to the hottest girl in the bar. Ignore her 6’4” boyfriend. Lay your cheesiest line on her. “Is your name Alice? Because you look like you’re from Wonderland.” Something like this, but with way more cheese. (You’re still doing the fake accent, remember?)

And just like that, it’s time to head to the next bar.

In the mood for karaoke maybe? Pick the slowest, saddest song you can find, and sing it like you mean it. Let a single tear roll down your cheek, or go for all-out bawling. If there are people still willing to talk to you after that, tell them the gut-wrenching story of how your turtle left you just the night before.

Still not wild enough for you? Alright, head to one last bar. Pick one person from your group who’s the “Big Deal”. The rest of you can pretend to be his bodyguards. Have him go around telling people, “Do you recognise me? I’m kind of a Big Deal.” This will probably get on someone’s nerves, so that’s where the bodyguard bit comes in. Swoop in, surround him, escort him out of the establishment.

Head home. While these suggestions are simply a humorous exaggeration, you get the idea. Don’t let your nights out get stuck in a rut. Do your thing, break free, enjoy yourself but stay safe and above all, remember to Live Responsibly!

Article By: Viren Fernandes

Viren writes for food, beer and his own amusement. His interests include reading, travelling and envisioning himself as the director (and the audience) of a comedy based on everything he sees.

Image Credit: typepad

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