Throw a fun-tastic office party

The work place tends to be formal and a no nonsense zone strictly dedicated to work. However one of the best ways to encourage your team and show them how appreciated they are, is to let loose and have a party! You’ll be surprised at how even the most quiet and timid office colleagues let their hair down and bring out their party hats! There are parties and then there are office parties! Here are some tips to help you dazzle your office crowd and spice up the merriment!

Pick a theme– the key to a successful party is to pick a theme. Most people tend to avoid it because it can get difficult to orchestrate. But it’s actually what gets everyone excited. The theme could be anything from retro, bring back the 80’s, crazy hairstyles, gothic to even a picnic.

Send Invites– Make sure than an e-vite or a hand out invitation to the party is sent out to every staff member. As important as it is to invite everyone, try and make your invitation funny or cheeky. A memorable invite is the first step towards having a memorable party.

Little Gestures– Small gestures may not seem like a big deal, but they really help in breaking the ice and setting the mood. Treat it as your own personal party to make it more innovative. You could start off with an 'introduce your fun self' session. You could include a welcome drink ( if drinks are not on the house) and have a fun photobooth session to remember the occasion. If the office budget allows it, you could even have a small memento for each party guest to take home.

Décor– The most important aspect of throwing a good party is to create a party mood and the best way is by decorating the place. If your party is thematic, then you decorate it accordingly. In case it isn’t, you can always go old school and make sure the place is flooded with streamers, confetti and even balloons! No matter what age you are, balloons are one party prop that will never go out of style. If the party is not at a venue and in fact in the office itself, this is a great chance to transform those boring cubicles into party central!

Food- Party snacks are always the biggest hit at any do. But if you really want to spice up your menu, pick items that work with your theme. For e.g., if the theme is a picnic then mini hot dogs and burgers are great options. Arrange a margarita machine for the day and order a fun-shaped custom-made cake with the office logo on it. It’s a sure shot way to get every employee excited because no one would really expect the company to go all out at an office party.

EntertainmentMusic is an essential element to any party. Other than that, you can organise a few games to ease the awkwardness. Make a pair of two and have a 'belly balloon break' game played against the clock. The team with highest flat balloons will win the game. A 'guess whose job' is another fun way to get to know each other. Also, organise a karaoke session to pump up that party mood. After all, it encourages everyone to shed their inhibitions, imitate their favourite rockstars and sing their heart out in the funniest possible way.

Element Of Surprise– A great way to spruce up a plain Jane office party is to have a surprise. You could rope in any live act from a singing talent or a dance troupe to perform a small act. A stand-up comedy show is one way of not only just tickling everyone’s funny bone but also allowing them to loosen up and enjoy themselves.

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