7 People Who Really Need To #unfake It At Parties!

We absolutely love this time of the year, especially with the number of parties to go to in the festive season. However, each super cool night to remember also has those few ‘Downers’ who could ruin your moment to kick back and have some fun. Listed below are some of the most common people in desperate need to #unfakeit:

The Overdresser – So it’s a New Year Ball and you want to dress to impress and that’s the right thing to do. But point in focus it’s a ‘Ball’, there’s gonna be lots of dancing and moving about so please wear something in which you can stand on your feet and not go sprawling across the dance floor, making a fool out of yourself in the process.

Don’t wear something so tight that it snaps, forcing you to head out early from the party. This applies to girls mainly but guys too could do with comfortable shoes and stretchable pants!

Wear something that you could enjoy the night in, that’s the most important thing about going for a party right?

The Overdresser


The Attention Seeker – At every party that is thrown, you will always get that guy/girl begging to be the centre of the show. Throwing tantrums, speaking out aloud, etc etc. If you want to be the showstopper, we would suggest a career in cinema or dramatics. At a party, you don’t want to be the person everyone talks about behind your back for all the antics you do to be in the spotlight. #unfakeit, be yourself and people will do the same in return, trust us on this one!


The Binge Drinker – Of course no party can be awesome without a few spirits to lighten up the mood. That however, always brings along with it the person who ‘Fakes it’ by telling everyone he/she can drink it all without losing control. You brag, down shots, mix drinks and what happens next? You’ve passed out in the washroom! Trust me if anyone were given the choice to leave you there, they’d leave you there. Drink only until you can handle it!


The Shutter Bugger – Yes, preserving memories of that all-nighter is an important job but when you go overboard taking pictures every second and forgetting that you should actually enjoy the party, well that’s a serious bummer. No one wants a flash blinding them too often, so please stop clicking so many pictures with your phone that has the supposedly ‘Awesome Camera’!!!


The Food Hogger – At a party there’s always a person who gobbles up all the finger foods. The food maybe tasty but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a trace of it after a few hours. Overeating usually leads to hazardous circumstances, not just for you but everyone around you as well. You really don’t want us to tell you what happens next!


The Story Teller – Sitting there in a corner, will be the ‘Story Teller’ telling people how awesome the other party they went to was or about how they got lucky with the opposite sex. Yes, it's fun to share a story or two, it makes the party what it is: a social event. But it’s not hard to tell when you’re making it up, so #unfakeit and keep those stories real!


The ‘Fail’ Player – You could probably deal with the previous few but this one gets on most people’s nerves. Of course go out meet new people, interact with them but please do not pester them to exchange numbers or go on a date with you. Men especially, yeah she’s pretty but there’s a chance she was already dating or she’s just not that into you, so please stop bragging to her about how you’re so cool and how much fun it would be if you two got together.

Well, so that’s our list of the 7 people who seriously need to #unfakeit at a party. If you have any more kinds of party p**pers to add, go ahead and leave a comment!

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