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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 20 Sep, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

What does it take to be the best nightclub in the world – and hence, which are the best nightclubs in the world? After tons of research, I’ve identified a list of ten nightclubs that define partying all around the globe and what makes them so special. From the flamboyance of Vegas to the madness of Seoul, we cover it all in this crazy club list.


1. Hakkasan, Las Vegas - World's Best DJs: In Las Vegas where everything is over-the-top and outlandish, it takes something really special to stand out. Hakkasan is a go-to party place in Las Vegas, and hence, one of the best in the world. 

What makes it special? Hakkasan hosts world-famous DJs like Tiësto, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Zedd and more. There is pretty much always a celebrity DJ lined up! Even better, Hakkasan Las Vegas is located within the MGM Grand Hotel in a 75,000 square foot compound - including a massive pool. Basically, the club is so big that it needs to employ 500 people just to operate it! What that means is that you can say goodbye to the sweaty, cramped clubbing experience and just go the Hakkasan way instead.

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2. Club Octagon, Seoul - Gangnam Style: Do you remember the song ‘Gangnam Style,’ which took over the airwaves a few years ago? Of course you do. Club Octagon in Seoul, located in the famous Gangnam District, offers you a taste of the real Gangnam experience. It is slick and modern, with a fair share of fancy add-ons (because why not) and some great house and techno music.

What makes it special? Voted number 6 in the world's top clubs by DJ Mag in 2015, Octagon is one of Gangnam's best for serious clubbers. The club has a stylish, underground-bunker design, full-on Funktion-One stack with surround sound and a pretty massive pool. Celebrities are known to drop in ever so often (most recently, Jessica Alba who famously parties at BEST clubs around the world) and the party continues till dawn.


3. Zouk, Singapore - Out of this world: This is one club that continuously finds itself in high profile lists such as this one. And rightfully so – Zouk is Singapore’s hottest nightlife destination. It opened in 1991 and has been in almost every 'Top 20 Clubs in the World' list ever since.

What makes it special? Taking its name from the Creole word for twerking (or something very similar) Zouk is mad, fantastic and out of this world - a crazy party club! Zouk is made up of five different clubs – one with a bank-breaking art collection, others with Blade Runner-like design and world-beating sound systems, and one with a Gaudí-inspired main room. Recently, Zouk hosted the Johnnie Walker party with RannVijay Singha at the helm – a smashing success by all standards!

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4. Womb, Tokyo - Giant disco balls: In a country where everything is an experience to behold, Womb managed to make its presence felt. Since it opened in 2000, this four-floor club has been regularly voted as among the best in the world, taking party-goers to the next level. Oh, and if it looks vaguely familiar, it's because it featured in the movie Babel.

What makes it special? Located in the party hub of Shibuya, for starters, Womb is notoriously difficult to get into. Only 1000 clubbers are allowed in, making it a fairly intimate affair when compared to other big clubs. The experience itself then takes over – apart from the music there is a famous lightshow, banging sound system and most importantly, a giant mirrored disco ball hanging over the main floor.


5. Green Valley, Camboriú, Brazil - Raging meets nature: Can you think of Brazil and not think of a swinging, high voltage party by the epic Brazilian beach that never seems to end? Probably not. Packed with all the madness of Brazil, Green Valley, located in Camboriú makes it to this list because it is just so unique.

What makes it special? Green Valley is among the few clubs in the world where partying meets nature (and hence the club’s name). The club started out life as a large tent in the middle of an airfield in 2007 and has grown into the sort of crazy party pad you only dream about – "a festival-sized jungle club." The club is at its most gorgeous best at sunrise, when the surrounding trees and lake look simply ethereal – almost as if to reward party-goers for raging through the night! Also, don't forget to sip on a Caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail!


6. De School, Amsterdam - Party in a former school: Popular Amsterdam club Trouw closed its doors in 2014 because license had expired. One year later, the same team opened up De school, a new club which opened in 2016,

What makes it special? It’s all about the very unique location – the club is situated in a former school (and hence the name of the club). What seems to be an innocuous looking school building from the outside transforms into a raging party inside. De School fosters a great mix between promoting local DJs and inviting international ones from time to time – perfect for visitors in Amsterdam to experience the clubbing scene.


7. Amnesia, Ibiza - World's best club: “Whoah, we’re going to Ibiza…Whoah we’re going to have a party…!” This super-hit song from two decades ago by the Vengaboys firmly established Ibiza’s party status in our minds. Amnesia, a converted farm house, is one of the first clubs to have opened on the island. It is simply iconic, and has been voted as the best club in the world several times.

What makes it special? For starters, Amnesia is global nightclub royalty – packing in heritage and history. The club first started playing disco, house and pop in the late 1980s when Argentine DJ Alfredo Fiorito was left in charge — he would play music from 3am to midday at the club’s iconic open-roof venue, which has since been covered. Today, Amnesia has a capacity of over 5,000 people, and is considered to be one of the most legendary venues and an absolute must for anyone looking to experience the real Ibiza party spirit. Interestingly, Amnesia is largely believed to be the spiritual home of the genre known as Balearic beat.

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8. Berghain, Berlin - 24 hours nonstop: Say hello to Berlin’s most famous yet secretive hardcore electronic dance music club with a hardcore fan following of its own.

What makes it special: Berghain is not your regular slick and fancy nightclub. It is for the real ragers. Even at noon, the massive main dance floor will be full, with the DJ pounding out music as an eclectic crowd of disheveled shirtless men, girls in sneakers and travelers with backpacks dance on. Many of them may have been dancing for over 24 hours! Berghain isn’t for everyone – and the club tries hard to maintain its exclusive status. Dress in black (everyone here wears black), look the part and pray they let you in.


9. Concrete, Paris - Party on a boat: A Parisian party on the banks of the Seine, could it get any better?

What makes it special: Concrete is a nightclub located on a boat on the banks of the Seine. People go to Concrete for a sensational experience of dancing to emerging French DJs and world-famous techno artists. The club recently secured a 24-hour license, so the party literally never stops.

Apart from Paris, the European cities of Barcelona and Prague are also well known for their raging nightlife. In Prague, you can actually party in a former nuclear bunker!

Photo credits: Flickr, the official websites of the clubs encourages you to Enjoy Responsibly!