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The weekend is almost here. Okay, isn’t it’s only Wednesday. But we like to be optimistic and before you know it, Friday evening will be upon us. A time for partying celebrations and, in general, having a wonderful time. If you want that there’s no better place other than the country of India. Here, we all know how much we love to celebrate and dance the night away. With that in mind, we have got some magnificent tips for an awesome night out in India. Follow us now as we guide you on a night you will love.


Pick Your Poison

The type of evening you want will depend on what city you head to. If you’re in the mood for drinking with friends, Delhi is the perfect place. On the streets as the sun begins to set, you’ll find an ocean of different clubs to try with delicious cocktails to savour. Visit our Cocktail-Directory to checkout the latest cocktails.There you’ll find a wide variety of different flavours that are sure to whet your appetite. The clubs in Delhi are known for parties that last through the night and you’ll love the evening entertainment. You’ve never known excitement like this, that’s for sure.

You could also kick-back and relax at one of the Best Lounges in Delhi.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more relaxing evening with quiet drinks why not seek out one of Mumbai’s sunset bars. This name is derived from their sky high heights. Looking out from one of these bars you’ll be able to see over the entire city. It’s quite a romantic experience and partnerships have been known to blossom in moments.


Spread The Word

If you want a party, that you’ll never forget then you should remember to spread the word. A party with friends will only turn into a night to remember if everyone is invited. Pick a venue and then use Facebook or Twitter to let everyone know where you're headed. You can even let it be a group decision where to have your night out. Or at least, where it begins. After all, who can resist a good bar crawl through the streets of Mumbai? Visit our Pub-Finder to find the best bars in town.


Changing Times

One of the great things about bars and even some restaurants in India is that they are subdivided. You know what that means. You might start off having a quiet drink with friends. But at around midnight the venue changes completely. The music starts to pour through the speakers and everyone takes to the dance floor.


Crash The Party

Visit our Party-Calendar to find the best parties in town.You can search by city so you’ll know exactly where the nearest party is to you. Then head over there with your friends to crash it. Okay, it’s not quite crashing when you have to wait in line. But we promise the big wait for the best clubs will be worth it. There is a reason why these parties are exclusive. Packed full of interesting and exciting individuals you’re sure to meet a few people who will stay with you forever. Or, at least until the end of the night.


A Different Scene?

Of course, perhaps you don’t want to dance the night away as the drinks keep pouring. We can’t deny the idea isn’t enticing but there is more to the nightlife in india. If you have a love for music, you’re sure to want to checkout one of the top Jazz bars in India. The Shisha Jazz Cafe is one of our top choices. There you’ll find an ambience that simply cannot be replicated to matter how hard you look. As well as this, you’ll find live music here every Thursday night. It’s an experience that you certainly don’t want to miss. Or, if your tastes stray from jazz you could try the Blue Frog. This has more of a mix of different types of music that is sure to satisfy anyone with a love for a great beat.

Perhaps music isn’t your thing at all? If that’s the case you could always check out one of India’s sports bars. There has been a cultural shift lately as India follows in western footsteps. Head down a street in Delhi and you won’t have to go too far to find a bar showing a football match. Visit our Parties & Nighlife page to have a look at India's Nighlife.


Travel In Style

On the other hand if you are bar crawling or trying to explore as many different clubs as you can, why not book a Limo? Then, you and your friends can be chauffeured around as you find the best scenes in the city. The cost isn’t as much as you would think and after a long week of work, why not treat yourself? Take the party out of the clubs and into the streets as you cruise around with your best friends by your side.


Be Adventurous

Remember, every night that you spend out on the streets is an opportunity so be adventurous. Don’t frequent the same places that you know and love. Try somewhere new and you might be surprised. You might even meet someone that you never would have. Fate is a funny thing and even making the right choice on where to go on a Friday night could change your life. Find Pubs in your area.


Make It Unforgettable

Wherever you go for your night out make it unforgettable. You don’t have to seek out one of Goa's infamous outdoor parties to have an amazing time. But you will have to take a few chances. If you do that, we’re sure you’ll have a wonderful and incredible night out in India. Have fun and drink sensibly.


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