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India’s nightlife is quickly growing and evolving in the major cities. In the cultural hubs of Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune, the club scene is taking off. With more and more establishments securing late licenses, the nightlife is thriving. Dancing has always been a huge part of India’s culture, and Bollywood clubs still line the streets. However, there’s a new type of club that has begun to appear over the last ten years. As commercial, international dance music grows, so do the pubs and clubs with dance floors.

Some cities (like Kolkata) do still employ a curfew, so your dancing will be cut short! Others, however, are more lenient which has allowed the club culture to thrive. If you’re wondering where to find the very best bars and pubs with dancefloors in India, you’ve come to the right place. We’re listing the eleven very best establishments in the country. From Mumbai to Kolkata to Pune to Bangalore. Let’s take a look.

Toto’s Garage, Mumbai

Toto's Garage - Pubs in Mumbai

Toto’s Garage is the go-to after-party venue in Mumbai. It’s creatively decorated, with the body of a real VW Beetle hung above the bar. The rest of the pub is adorned with hubcaps and license plates. There’s a definite theme going on here! The bar itself is busy, vibrant, and packed full of young people looking to dance. Toto’s Garage gets very busy, so get there early! 

Atmosphere 6, Pune

Atmosphere 6 - Pubs in Pune

Atmosphere 6 is right near the top of the list for one very important reason: the roof terrace. This brightly lit, colourful dance floor on the roof is a clear winner! With magnificent views over the city, you can dance the night away in true style. The venue itself also has an exceptional and distinguished vibe. It’s one of the more expensive venues, but it’s worth every penny. The food here is also fantastic.

No Limmits, Bangalore

No Limmits is a huge bar and club venue in the heart of Bangalore. It has the largest dance floor in the city, which will please everyone! As for the interior, think plush, luxurious red finishes, and top-of-the-range lighting. It’s a truly special experience, and there’s definitely something for everyone. If you’re not the dancing type, there are plenty of cosy booths to enjoy the atmosphere. 

Roxy, Kolkata

Roxy attracts some of India’s very best DJs, so you can expect to hear your favourite tunes here. It’s is known throughout the city as the best cocktail bar, so there’s plenty on offer. The bar itself has been kitted out with a retro glam ‘60s feel, making use of the cavernous setting. There’s plush red velvet alongside metal at every corner. When you’ve tired yourself out from dancing, there’s a comfortable chill-out area downstairs too. 

Aer, Mumbai

Back in Mumbai, this is the city’s most luxurious bar. One walk across the dance floor, and you’ll bump into Bollywood stars and celebrities. This is a classy place, so you’ll want to wear something nice! The real attraction here is the roof terrace, where a cocktail specialist will create your favourite drink. Relax while the sun goes down over the city, and then get your dancing shoes on!

Funky Villa, Bangalore

Funky Villa is a Chinese inspired bar and dance hall. With thick red curtains draped from the ceiling, the place feels classy and sophisticated. The bar has a late license, so you can dance the night away ‘til the early hours of the morning. You can even take a break from dancing to enjoy a shisha pipe in the outdoor area. When it comes to events and parties, Funky Villa is the established destination in Bangalore. They throw the best Halloween and New Year’s parties.

Swig, Pune

Swig has a more relaxed atmosphere than many of the other bars on this list. Where the others are luxurious and plush, Swig has a more urban feel. It’s a chilled-out venue, and the ambience is generally described as jazzy! Swig is small, with a capacity of less than 100, but that created an intimate dance floor, and relaxed atmosphere. Head here if you’re looking for a chilled-out evening.

Janata, Mumbai

Like Swig, Janata is a no-frills establishment! It’s all about great drinks, good music, and fun times. You won’t find any luxurious touches here, but you will have the best night of your life. Forget cocktails too, you’ll be drinking beer and quarts of rum. But, with the late license extended to 3 am, you can keep going right through to the early hours. 

Sky Lounge, Bangalore

Back in Bangalore, it’s time to head to the rooftop. The Sky Lounge is found at the top of the Svenska Design hotel, and it’s a real treat. There’s a relaxed atmosphere here, with cocktails served next to the rooftop pool. But, when the sun goes down, things get a little more exciting. The Sky Lounge hosts live performances from instrumental bands to get you up and dancing!

Scream, Pune

Scream is dance-lovers’ paradise. This is a club dedicated to just one thing: dancing. It is 3,000 square feet of dance floor, and it’s considered Pune’s trendiest night venue. It’s incredibly modern, with colourful strobe lights pumping back and forth. The design itself is minimal, making extra room for dancing! The club invites India’s best DJs to take control of the music, and keep you moving. And don’t worry if it all gets too much, there’s a soundproof glass room where you can catch your breathe.

Ghetto, Mumbai

Ghetto looks and feels exactly like it sounds! It’s hardly the most luxurious place on the list, but it’s still one of the top destinations in the city. It is frequented by students and trendy media-types who will tell you it’s the only bar worth visiting. There’s a welcoming and homely atmosphere here, though you will have to enter through a hole in the wall! The club itself blasts out rock and indie all night, and it’s perfect for reliving your youth. 

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