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published time By Liveinstyle published time 27 Jan, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

New Delhi is a vibrant and buzzing city, and it’s quickly becoming a hub for exciting nightlife. In most places across the city, there is a strict curfew at 1 am, restricting the opening times. However, some of the best bars have obtained a special late license, and stay open longer. Never-the-less, there’s plenty of partying to be had before 1 am! Bars, lounges and clubs are popping up all over the city, and the underground nightlife scene is growing.

Whether you’re looking for pure luxe and sophistication or a cheap drink after work, Delhi has everything. We’ve taken on the difficult task of visiting them all, taking notes along the way of course! It wasn’t easy to narrow down the very best, but here’s our top ten. Feel free to disagree and let us know your preferences at the end of the article.


1. Shiro

Let’s start with a bar that was named ‘best for dancing in Delhi’ by 2014 Times Food and Nightlife Awards. It’s hard to argue with this particular accolade either. Shiro is an Oriental themed club, with beautiful decor and design. By day, it’s a phenomenally popular restaurant, serving Chinese cuisine. By night, it transforms into one of the city’s best club spots. It’s frequented by Delhi’s most elite and sophisticated, who are wooed by its cocktail menu. As for the interior design, expect enormous Buddha statues, mood lighting, and Chinese lanterns.

2. Stellar

Stellar is a high-end, luxury nightclub. Set in the 5-star Ashok hotel, the decoration is made from beautiful hanging drapes, renaissance paintings, and chandeliers. Don’t let that fool you though. When the DJs get behind the decks, things start to kick off! You’ll regularly see smoke machines pouring out of the DJ booth, and the young elite raising the roof. The music here is a popular blend of commercial dance music and Bollywood classics.

3. Kitty Su

Kitty Su is all about the music, and party-goers call it the home of dance music in Delhi. It has played host to many of the biggest DJs on the planet. That’s thanks to its accolade in the dance music bible, DJ Mag. They named it one of the top 100 clubs in the world (the only Indian club to be featured). The dance-floor is huge - one of the biggest in town - and there are multiple bars. So, despite its reputation, it never feels too claustrophobic. If you’re a true music lover, there’s no better place in India.

4. The Blue Bar

This sophisticated venue is best known for its cocktail list. It specialises in classy, luxurious drinks, and their Cosmopolitan is the talk of New Delhi. The Blue Bar’s expert bartenders are trained and experienced; it’s a thrill to watch them make your favourite drink. If it all gets too busy and loud inside, there’s an open-air terrace which lies next to a swimming pool. It’s the perfect place to unwind, and find some relaxation. That is, until 10pm when the music's turned up, and the dance floor comes to life.

5. Shroom

Shroom is another club that attracts some big-name DJs. It’s a no-frills bar in the Mehrauli district, frequented by students and the young Delhi generation. The club is underground and dark, creating a fantastic atmosphere to lose yourself in the music. It’s a fantastic night escape, where the music is loud, and the drinks are free flowing. The bartenders are one-of-a-kind in Shroom; edible cocktails are their speciality!

6. Kylin Sky Bar

Kylin Sky Bar is a distinctly Japanese flavoured bar and lounge. It’s impeccably decorated in traditional Japanese style, making it the perfect place for a relaxing drink. As the name suggests, you can sit out under the stars, with the glass roof providing the best view in town. Kylin Sky Bar was named the best lounge bar in Delhi, which is high praise indeed. The bar itself is an extension of the Kylin Premier Japanese restaurant, so you can nibble on dim sum and sushi rolls too. Don’t forget to try a traditional Japanese whiskey before the dancing starts.

7. i-Kandy

Famous for its wild and exciting pool parties, this is a nightclub with no limits. It’s a hotbed for pumping music and late night excitement. i-Kandy is the perfect place to end your night, opening later than many of the others in the area. It’s a firm favourite for students and the young crowd, and it’s easy to see why. Delicious cocktails, great music, and a neon-pink colour scheme. It’s a simple formula, but we love it.

8. Keya

Keya is the place to go if you’re meticulous about your drink choices. The bar prides itself on serving the very best brands of spirits, and expertly created cocktails. The bartenders are trained mixologists, and you could watch them juggling cocktail shakers all night. Keya is named after a particular Bengal flower, and you can feel the respect for Indian culture inside. The first thing you notice upon entering is the huge bar that dominates the middle of the room. It’s beautiful, stunning and chic.

9. Tapas

Tapas is one of the best-decorated bars in Delhi. The atmosphere is wonderful, with luxurious, deep red walls and sofas. The lighting is soft and low, creating a special ambience for the guests. There are small tables, with champagne brought to you by the hosts. All the while, you can feast on choice appetizers and tapas favourites. Later on, room is cleared for the dance floor.

10. F-Bar

F-Bar is known for it’s phenomenal roster of resident DJs. Many of India’s most famous record spinners got their start in this renowned club space. If you’re looking to spot the next big name in DJing, F-Bar is the best place to look. You might even spot a few coming back for a special guest appearance. The club itself boasts a large dance floor, and it never feels crowded. There is plenty of room at the bar, and the music among the coolest in town.

That completes our list of New Delhi’s best bars and clubs! Have we missed your favourite from the list? Visit : Party Hotspots