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Are you in the mood for a party? There is no better place to throw one than in India. The country is packed full of exciting destinations that are certain to give you memories that will last a lifetime. But first, you need to decide what type of party you want and there are a wide variety to choose from. For instance, you might be thinking about a traditional party of wine and dancing. Or, you might be feeling a little more adventurous and want to include some spiritual sensuality. You might even just want to enjoy an evening of fine food and music with some friends. But that’s the brilliant thing about partying in India. The country is ready to cater to all your needs. Let us show you exactly what we mean.


Dancing And Drinking

India has some of the best bars and restaurants in the world. What better way to enjoy few dance steps along with your drink.The best place for a brilliant party is almost certainly Shiro. It’s a wonderfully beautiful venue with incredibly unique art in the interior. As well as this there is a massive dance floor and there is no reason that your party shouldn’t go on all night.


Something More Sensual

Of course, rather than heading to Delhi you might have a party in Goa. This region offers a plethora of clubs and bars for you to choose from. There is one for every taste. But, Goa is most prominently known for the sensual outdoor parties with your Yaars. These parties are held in remote locations away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, you will find a sense of freedom and relaxation unlike any other. The experience is almost like a trance and is something you may want to seek out at least once. It will certainly make for a great party.


Relaxing In Comfort

You might want a party that is more relaxing. If that suits your fancy, we strongly suggest you head to Mumbai for a party in India. Visit our Cocktail page to find out the best cocktail bars in Mumbai. There you will find a large range of what are commonly known as Sunset restaurants. These wonderful treasures are located high up in the cities skyline. From there you can gaze out as the sunsets. Be warned, though, if you plan on staying for that long you will be asked to pay a little extra. That said, the drinks are heavenly with this menu. Checkout our Cocktail-Directory for amazing cocktails.As well as that, you’ll be able to relax with your friends in low sunken chairs. Some do serve food, but you will have to get there early to be treated to a meal.


Cheap Thrills

Once you start looking at these popular choices, you might notice the expense. Some of the best clubs and bars in India do come with quite a high price. That’s why you might want to check out some of the already planned parties. Rather than plan a party yourself you can join another one. There are constantly scheduled parties in every city throughout India.

Checkout our Party-Calendar to know about the best parties in town.

Or, why not head to one of the cheaper bars for a night of good entertainment. Don’t expect the gorgeous interior of the high-class venues across town. Instead, expect immersive conversation and a general feeling of joy and exhilaration. Visit our Pub-Finder to find the best pubs in your area.


Music Is Better Than Words

If you’re not that interested in conversation, you could take your party to anyone of the live music venues across the country. The Blue Frog in Delhi is particularly popular, especially with the tourists. There you’ll find a whole selection of different types of music for you and your party guests to enjoy. This includes some beautiful jazz played by the top musicians India has to offer. If you book your party on Thursday, you’ll be treated to some wonderful live music. Or, you could seek out one of the country's top comedians. You will find them performing in all the major cities. Stop in for a show and you’re sure to find the sides of your mouth aching from smiling so much.

Visit our Standup-Comedy page to see some of the best standup-comedy acts.


Good Food

Finally, you may just want a quiet evening in one of the best restaurants the country has to offer. From Mumbai to Bangalore you have your book of top, five-star restaurants. They are the perfect place for a quiet evening party. Visit our Party-Guide page to checkout some exciting places to hangout with your friends. Some of the best restaurants offer more than just a great meal with a whole night of entertainment.




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