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published time By Sabah IndiaSyndicate published time 23 May, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

Want a shot of quirk to go with your tipple? Here's a round-up of some of India’s quirkiest bars by city.

Bangalore – Tipsy Bull
India’s Top 5 quirkiest bars
This is one bar you can be bullish about. Tipsy Bull, the stock exchange bar, works much like a regular stock market, except with alcohol. So, if there is a higher demand for a particular brand of alcohol, then its price goes up, whereas the cost for ones with lesser demand go down. This is where you exploit the opportunity and switch to the ones with low demand. And when there’s huge demand for alcohol in general – meaning, weekends - there will be a market crash. You don’t need to be a commerce graduate to know that it means alcohol at cheapest rates! Familiar with the frustration of trying to attract a waiter or bar tender’s attention in a bar?   Not here! You don’t have to wait up for the staff to come around and get your orders. They have an app where you can fill in what you’d like.

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Delhi – PCO
India’s Top 5 quirkiest bars
PCO, in New Delhi’s Vasant Vihar, is as much a swank copy of the speakeasy bars of the Prohibition era in America as it is a carter of the global trend of the return of such bars to our National Capital. 
Entry to this ‘secret’ hangout is through a password. To be punched on a phone placed inside a swank cubicle with a glass door, the kind of public phone booths you spot in Bollywood movies shot abroad. The complicated access, you figure out, is in keeping with what the joint is — a speakeasy bar. Entry through this make-believe PCO is a clue to the name of the bar — PCO. Multiple award-winning Cocktail Bar based on the speakeasy concept. You require a Pass Code to gain entry, so, do secure that in advance! PCO prides itself on the quality and preparation of their cocktails--which range from classic to their trademarked completely bespoke Mood Cocktail. If you’re in the mood for a correctly made martini, you know where to head. Mazel Tov!

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Mumbai - 21 Fahrenheit

Do you want to experience sub-zero temperatures in the middle of tropical Mumbai? Then 21 Fahrenheit is the place for you. With neon lighting, ice tables and chairs, and alcohol served in glasses made of ice, you will be transported to the Swiss alps or the Himalayas 

Chennai - The Flying Elephant

With 5 live kitchens spread across 5 levels, connected with a vintage elevator, The Flying Elephant is a celebration of senses in a culinary theatre that offers an array of experiences in a one of a kind vertical dining destination. Dramatic design. Grand staircase. Five-tone walls that resemble a bar of chocolate. Old-fashioned NYC-style elevator. The first of its kind in the country, it offers diners the flexibility of experience and cuisine from a selection of 5 live kitchens spread across 6 different levels.  

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Kolkata  - Someplace Else

Located in The Park Hotel on Park Street, Someplace Else throbs with performances by the city’s best live bands every day, promising different kinds of music. Established artists share the space with aspiring performers. Raw passion here translates into exciting notes and heady drinks. More than just a live music venue, Someplace Else is an institution. It hosts some of India’s finest bands. No surprise that it frequently makes the list of India’s top musical bar venues. 

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