Sufi and Bollywood Live By Sumit Bharadwaj At Glocal Junction Worli!

Music speaks to the heart and Sufi music, to be specific, speaks to the soul. It touches every string of the soul so beautifully. You just need to close your eyes and listen to it. The depth of the lyrics and the soothing, melodious music together push you into a state of trance.

To create the very same state of trance Glocal is bringing an event to you. After retro rock and bollywood commercial another night of music is to be witnessed by the people of Mumbai in Worli. The Big Band Theory continues to spread smiles on people’s faces through music with another event that will be held on 24th of August.

Right in the middle of the week you will get to refresh yourself with a musical night so that you can get back to work the next day all charged up. But don’t worry you will not have to take an off to enjoy this event. It starts only at 8 pm. So after you are done toiling the whole day you can head to the Big Band Theory in Worli. Just take off your thinking caps and sway to the melodies played just for you. One thing is for sure, after listening to the deafening honking and other noises of the city the music will soothe your ears.

 Well, Glocal gives you nothing but the best. Doesn’t it? So it is getting one of the best singers too. Singing sensation Sumit Bhardawaj is going to sing some euphonious songs for you, both Sufi and Bollywood. This one man army has solely taken up the very important task of entertaining and enthralling the crowd at the event.

Sumit Bharadwaj defenitely has a one of a kind voice! After a fantastic performance in the Voice Of India 2- he has now come all the way to Glocal to charm you with his take on Sufi & Bollywood music!

So 24th of August this year, that falls on a Thursday, is booked for this amazing Big Band Theory event organised specially for all the music maniacs of Mumbai by Glocal Junction.

Important note: Entry to the event is restricted to patrons under 25 years of age. encourages you to Party Responsibly!

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