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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 27 Sep, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

If you’ve heard that catchy Miley Cyrus song that everyone seems to be singing these days, you know where I’m going with this piece. For those of you who haven’t, the song goes something like this: “I know I'm gonna be okay, Yeah, it's a party in U.S.A.”

Partying may not be the first thing that strikes you when you think of the USA (well, I think of Hollywood movies, burgers, The Statue of Liberty…the classic stuff). That said, there is a pretty mean party scene to be found – and if you’re looking to party / club in USA, no matter what you’re looking for, you will find it. Here’s a round-up of the top ten cities in America to go partying in! 

1. Miami, Florida: Truth be told, Miami is one of the wildest cities in the country—often referred to as America’s Riviera because it is so posh and high-end (it's a bit like ultra cool Monaco, you know). Miami Beach's party scene heats up after dark. The famous South Beach is well known for exclusive dance clubs and fancy hotel lounges. Essentially, night out in Miami is all about swanky lounges (with glorious beach-side views), chic nightclubs, intense cocktails and a ‘luxury meets chill’ vibe. Just watch the tab – costs could quickly escalate when you add it all up.
10 Best Cities to go Clubbing in USA

2. Las Vegas, Nevada: If over-the-top, out-of-this-world extraordinary is your kind of party scene then drop everything and head to Las Vegas. This legendary Sin City parties all day and all night – without a moment’s break. Bring on the action, we say! Home to the most innovative nightclubs, the most famous DJs from all around the world, and of course the country’s best shows, Las Vegas is a party animal’s playground. It is also home to Hakkasan, believed to be the best club in USA (Here's a list of the best clubs in the world!)
10 Best Cities to go Clubbing in USA

3. New Orleans, Louisiana: Here’s a party destination packed with loads of character that definitely knows how to have fun. The city’s French Quarter is best known for its rowdy revelry (every night brings out the famed Mardi Gras vibe). One of the most loved neighbourhoods is Bourbon Street -- home to authentic local bars and unique live music. And yes, I think just the name demands that you have at least one drink of Bourbon. Visitors can find fun neighborhood joints on Frenchman Street as well. If that’s not enough, here’s a fun fact to get you excited: New Orleans has more bars per capita than any other city in America!


4. New York City: New York City just has to be on this list because it is the most vibrant city in the world and has the widest variety of nightlife in America. Within a minute you could jump from a live music venue, to a raging nightclub, to an unassuming dive bar. The entire city is one huge carnival – and the party never stops! You will get to party with the most eclectic set of people from all over the world, adding to the experience. For information on where exactly to party, check out this Ultimate Bar Guide for New York City, written by yours truly!

5. Honolulu, Hawaii: Beautiful Hawaii is best known for its sprawling beaches, sand, surf and sunshine also has a neat party scene. And it isn’t just about beach parties! Whether you want to drink fancy cocktails in a quaint shack on the beach, dance the night away in Downtown Honolulu’s hot clubs, or listen to live music in Chinatown’s underground venues, the options are plenty. Be sure to visit Kaka‘ako, the up-and-coming neighborhood that's home to the city’s newest and most unique lounges and bars. Also if you love beaches and partying, I know you will love Barcelona!


6. Nashville, Tennessee: Nashville has carved a niche for itself as the hotspot for live music – and contrary to common perception, country music is not the city’s only specialty: More and more live music venues are popping up, playing quality music and catering to every musical genre in the book. Pop into any of the bars on Broadway in the 12 South area for some of the country’s best beer, friendliest locals, and talented musicians. If you’d much rather get your moves on, hop over to one of the city’s raging dance bars. 

7. Los Angeles, California: If rubbing shoulders with celebrities as your dance the night away in clubs is your thing, look no further. When you party in Los Angeles, every night out is littered with famous faces and the occassional movie star – real life almost feels like it’s straight out of a reality TV show! The 2 am deadline can be a bummer, but what the city lacks in long hours, it makes up in action and entertainment. LA boasts some of the most exclusive see-and-be-seen spots in the world. The "scene" is fiercely competitive for patrons as well as bar owners. Venues open and close at a speed that only the fast and fashionable can follow, so join the party while you can.

8. Austin, Texas: Why go: Austin's unofficial nickname is the "Live Music Capital of the World." And while it is true that music venues pepper the city, the more pertinent motto is "Keep Austin Weird." Essentially, the capital of Texas serves as an ode to all things out of whack and yet musical (paradoxical as that sounds).This bustling university doubles as one hell of a party town as the sun goes down. To get your dose of live music, head to 6th street or SoCo. For those of you missing your college days, a reunion weekend in Austin is just what you need. Don't forget to order a round of the epic Texas margaritas!

9. San Francisco, California: One of the most laid-back, charismatic cities in the US also has great party options if you’re keen. Every San Fran neighborhood has its own scene, so it's easy to find spots that suit your preferences. For starters, you can't go wrong with a night out in the Mission District. And for those longing for the days of frat parties, you'll find the perfect bars near the Marina.

10. Atlanta, Georgia: Atlanta offers an eclectic nightlife scene, with eclectic spots for all kinds of party people. Travelers can sip on innovative cocktails at specialty spots or enjoy a few drinks at one of the many sports bars (with hundreds of sports fans watching the game of the day). If you're looking to dance, you'll find the best clubs in Midtown.Midtown encourages you to celebrate responsibly!

Photo credits: TimeOut Magazine, Party USA, Wikipedia Images, TripAdvisor