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published time By Liveinstyle published time 02 Sep, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

Hyderabad is a place which offers a lot of partying platforms for young people and also for the adults.  It is a place which has innumerable options and variety of pubs and clubs where one can ease out their stress and make themselves happy. Liveinstyle brings you restaurants and clubs where parties are held at affordable prices : 

1) Blue Fox: 


Business lunches and office parties is what this restaurant hosts. Blue Fox has a bar too. The great décor and comfortable seating are complemented by prompt and courteous service. This restaurant serves North Indian, Chinese and European cuisines. Starters include Chicken Tikka Kebab, Spicy Crisp Shanghai Rolls, Chilli Prawns Blue, Spicy Thai Prawns, Grilled Prawns, Fish Apollo and Chicken Major Steak. The main course offers umpteen Biryanis, Chinese dishes and North Indian delicacies. Some popular orders are Chinese Roast Chicken, Szechwan Chicken Gravy and Ginger Fish. From the European cuisine, you can go for Paneer Shaslik, Fish Fingers, Grilled Prawns, etc. 

2) Hard Rock Cafe:

Hard Rock Cafe in Hyderabad has three distinct areas, the restaurant, a bar area with easy chairs and bar stools, and finally its signature retail shop. The café is dotted with memorabilia like the corduroy white linen shirt worn by Elvis Presley, a black satin top hat of Beatles star George Harrison and a black fedora hat worn by Michael Jackson. Most of the music played in line with its name is rock (Indie Rock, rock and roll etc), but there is also a fair bit of rap and hip hop. On Thursdays, there have been live performances by Saving Abel, Swaratma, Indian Ocean, Bob Sinclar etc.  

3) 10 Downing Street:

One of the oldest party destinations in Hyderabad, 10 DS still manages to give you the best dancing experience. So if you are not into experimenting, this is where you should go. Head to 10 Downing Street if looking for affordable booze and fun! They have a special Rs.99 menu where one can avail food and drinks at just rs.99 between 4pm to 7.30 pm everyday! Besides, every Tuesday one can get one plus one on their drinks between 8pm to 11pm and it doesn’t end here. 

4) Heart Cup Cafe:

Anything affordable thrills us to the core and Heart cup has a menu full of it! Here the “happy hours” run from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday, offering one plus one on their menu. So if you had a hard day at work or just need a getaway on a weekday within a budget then Heart Cup is the place to be! 

5) Habanero:

This season, head to Habanero as it has some amazing combos to offer! From a pitcher costing Rs. 599 to a non-veg starter combo along with a pitcher for Rs. 849, this place is for everyone who is on a lookout for a party within a budget. 

6) Tiki Shack:

This rooftop Goan style bar is not just pocket-friendly but a treat to eyes as well! A newbie in the city, one only has to pay Rs. 130 for a pint of beer here. Besides, one can also savor the taste of Goa from the range of the dishes that this place has to offer from the coastal city! 

7) Fusion 9: 

The best place to dine and party. The service provided here is awesome.  The place makes one remember the memories spent here and keep those memories last long. There are also happy hours between 4:30 pm to 8:30 where one can get two drinks for the price of one. 

8) 3B’s- Buddies, Bar and Barbeque: 

As the name sums it all, the ‘buddies’ can get the best of bar and barbeque under one roof. The parties here are incomplete without all the possible refreshing drinks for all the cool buddies out there. The place is amazing and it's décor is innovative which adds to the beauty of the place. 

9) Over the moon:


This is the club where you feel like a star as you will end up meeting Tollywood stars as you find yourself enjoying the pleasant ambiance. A party over here is bound to take you on a trip to the moon and back! 

10) Komatose:

For those who love Floyd Music, this is where you should go and have a gala time. It’s also a prime spot for the best ladies’ night event in town.


So being broke will no more come in the way of your fun. Now that LiveInStyle has informed you of these places, the next time you are short on cash do check them out ASAP! encourages you to Party Responsibly!

Image Credits: Whatsuplife, dineout, littleapp, lbb