Mumbai’s Rumor is India’s Best Pop-Up. Here’s Why?

Pop-up nightclubs are all the rage these days and have taken over metro cities by storm. A temporary party in a non-traditional space, a pop-up is one of the most innovative and creative concepts in today’s day and age, especially among party enthusiasts.

This year, Rumour won the coveted title of India’s Best Pop-Up at the prestigious annual nightlife and bar industry convention held in Mumbai, in association with Johnnie Walker the Journey. It saw off competition from some of the more established night spots from other cities including Corona Sunsets (Bangalore), Warp Core (NCR), and Soma Project (Goa).

Mumbai’s Rumor is India’s Best Pop-Up. Here’s Why

One of the world’s most revered clubs, White Dubai, partnered with Rumour Pop-Up and Rage Entertainment to host Rumour – The White Dubai Edition II at Mumbai’s NSCI Dome and it was an experience like no other.  

For those who’re unaware of White Dubai, here’s what you need to know. Voted as the finest club in 2016, White Dubai is Dubai’s “very first outdoor night life experience”. Being the high-tech, ultramodern, outdoor rooftop space that it is with some incredible lighting, energetic dance floor, thumping music and a feel-good vibe, White Dubai is Dubai’s ultimate party destination.

And together with Mumbai’s Dome, this pop-up club received some terrific response and it was truly, a night to remember. With admissions only via invites, the venue’s theme was nautical, filled with props such as jelly fish, oysters, mermaids, etc.. And the extravagant party featured some of the biggest DJs from across the globe, aerial acts, dancers, and live shows by White Dubai.

With Diageo as their official partner, the event was attended by 6000 plus attendees including a number of high profile celebrities from tinsel town and the business world.

And with the massive response it received, no wonder – The White Dubai Edition II was this year's recipient of the prestigious award at INCA.

Where: NSCI SVP Stadium,Worli, Mumbai

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