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Are you spending your next birthday in India? You’re sure to have a fantastic time if that’s the case. There, you’ll find some delicious meals, thrilling entertainment and a treasure trove of memories. Who knows, you might even meet a future love on the dance floor of one of India’s many bars. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We think that the best place to begin is by choosing your location. Each city in India holds a rather unique and different experience.

Choosing A Location

With so many cities in India to choose from, you’ve got a tough decision ahead of you. Each city has selling points and could be the perfect destination for a great party. For instance, Mumbai is packed full of some brilliant bars and clubs. Have a look at World Class Bars in Mumbai. You will love getting lost in the beat of the music. Or, you might want to try something a little more sensational. The outdoor parties that occur around Goa are sure to fill this need. Perhaps you want to head to the city of ostentation and luxury? We are of course speaking of Delhi. A wonderful place for those who want to experience some sophisticated parties.

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Whom Will You Take?

Your next decision is to choose whom you will take with you on this adventure. Perhaps you can’t wait to get out on the town with all your friends. If that’s the case, you’re sure to have fun passing through the many clubs that India has to offer. But, if it’s a special Birthday you might want your family there. We’re thinking then that you will be more interested in the different five-star restaurants that India has to offer. We should also point out that the country is a beautiful spot for romance. Your partner will love exploring the famous cities with you and seeing the sights together. Then in the evening you can share a cocktail or two.

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Selecting A Venue

Where will you book for this unforgettable party? We think that you should certainly consider booking one the prime clubs in Mumbai. You can use this as the headquarters of your birthday party. But don’t be afraid to explore some of the other clubs in the area. We’ll talk about that a little more further down. However, if you do book a venue you can guarantee that you’ll always have a place on the dancefloor. As well as this, you will most certainly be treated to the life of a VIP.

Travelling In Style

You might be arriving into the city from a local destination. But how will you be travelling around once you reach you get there? If you take our advice, in style. You can book a limousine that will chauffeur you and your guests around the streets of New Delhi. Through the day, you can use it to travel to the many different sites the country has to offer. For instance, we recommend that you visit Rajasthan. From there you will be able to witness tremendous views of the pinky city as well as the city of lakes. We’ll let you discover what each of those given names mean when you arrive. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. In the evening, head back to your accommodation for some good food and drink in the heart of the city.

Dining In India

Easily one of the things that will grab you most about this country is the hospitality. In India, there is no such thing as a wait for a table. Each arrival at a restaurant will be treated like royalty and will receive a personalised service. Then you can browse the menu that will be nothing like what you are used to. The food will crackle and sizzle in your mouth with different flavours and spices. You may have thought you had experienced Indian food before. But it’s nothing compared to when you’re watching it diced, sliced and cooked in front of your very eyes.

Once you have enjoyed your evening meal, stick around for a while and share a few drinks with your friends. It will prepare you for your next adventure giving you a taste of the night ahead. If you’re lucky, you might be dining in one of the bars that provides fantastic evening entertainment. Bars across Delhi include entertaining experiences like jugglers and even fire breathers.  

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Bar Crawl

New York might be the city that never sleeps but New Delhi is where the party never ends. Don’t believe us? Check out our Party-Calendar.

There, you will find all the events and celebrations that go on through the year in this wonderful country in each of the major cities. Whether you are in Mumbai or Banglore, you’re sure to have a once in a lifetime experience on the streets at night. Start a bar crawl as you and your friends head from one brilliant party to the next. If you take the limo, don’t be surprised if it fills up with people you’ve never met but are dying to get to know. Then head inside and if you like, book part of the club exclusively for you. Become a VIP as you take the dance floor by storm, getting lost in the beautiful melody. We know it sounds like a dream and that’s exactly what it is.

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Waking Up

After the party comes to a close, you might wake up in your bed or someone else's. Perhaps in the arms of a wondrous beauty? But before you stumble back home you might want to try some yoga. After all, you are in the birthplace of this spiritual exercise and fantastic hangover cure.


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