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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 17 Sep, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

Thailand’s Full Moon Party has gained plenty of attention over the past years from travellers all over the world – with thousands of tourists specifically visiting to be part of the festivities. The party happens every full moon (obviously) a Haad Rin beach on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, an hour's flight from Bangkok. Sure there are other spin-off versions too, but this is the best Full Moon Party. It's a great place to celebrate with your friends as you make memories for a lifetime. In fact, the Full Moon Party is a bucket list experience for many.

Tips, tricks, hacks and more, this is your ultimate guide to the Full Moon Party.

What’s all the fuss about? Imagine this: 30,000 people partying through the night and into the morning against a background of energy, music and general madness. Add to this a gorgeous beach and starry sky – and you have one hell of a night to remember.

If you plan to attend a full moon party, consult an online calendar to know the exact dates. In case you cannot make it for the Full Moon Party, worry not. There’s the Half Moon Party, the Quarter Moon Party, the No Moon Party…basically, this island is happy to party just about every night!

Plan your accommodation: As you can imagine, everything gets booked up on the island well in advance. You essentially have three options – a) Come atleast five days in advance and book accommodation b) Book online, but be warned that you probably won’t get a great deal c) Live on a nearby island, use the ferry to get to Ko Pha Ngan, party all night and take the morning ferry back to your hotel.

Neon, the party dress code: The Full Moon Party is about everything neon – partygoers cover themselves with copious amounts of neon body paint. You could get a cool professional design from a local for under 1 USD. Wearing neon attire is also part of the dress code – the standard is shorts and a tank top. The good news is that there are tons of tiny shops on the island selling attire especially for the Full Moon Party.

Most people seem to buy cheap outfits for the occasion - It's actually a good idea because neon body paint doesn't wash out of clothing. Don’t forget to add on some (neon) accessories like necklaces, flower headbands and hats.

The party itself: The beach is lined with numerous clubs, all blaring different kinds of music with stages setup in the sand. There are people dancing, drinking and partying as far as the eye can see – a giant carnival of fun, high energy and neon! You will also see a lot of fire, with everything from fire dancers to fire jump rope and fire limbo. Admire these shows from a distance but avoid participating in them – the chance of getting injured is rather high.

Drinks guide: The drinks served at the Full Moon Party are a curious tradition in themselves. Widely sold is the ‘bucket’ – your choice of spirit + mixer with Red Bull and ice, served in a plastic bucket (the kind children play with at the beach). 

A bucket typically comes with 4-5 straws – and that’s for good reason. Buckets are made to share, so don’t try and finish them yourself. Remember to pace yourself and keep eating / drinking water through the night.

Safety first: As a general word of caution, wear closed footwear (avoid flipflops even though you are at the beach) and keep your feet safe. It’s also a good idea to stay out of the ocean, however inviting it may look for a midnight dip. Finally, stay within the laws of the land - the Thai police is known to go undercover at the party to catch those breaking the law.

Photo credits: Business Insider, ThaiParty, FestivalSherpa encourages you to Enjoy Responsibly!