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published time By Shivangi Sinha published time 25 Nov, 2015 Share image 0 Shares
The very mention of Delhi and your chain of thought rushes into a music video with Yo Yo Honey Singh where a group of youngsters are bobbing their heads to his crazy lyrics. Delhi however has always been so much more than that. Delhi has always been the party capital of India, there might be other cities but the kind of sophistication Delhi offers in its party places is incomparable. 
The city has a lot of wild, crazy and massive party clubs but the party scene has changed for the better over the years. We have seen a closing time restriction in effect for most spot but there are still a lot of good places around the capital to go dancing, and there is a fairly varied selection. 
Undoubtedly, the hottest club right now is the happening Hybrid @ Tolstoy Lane, the well known stylish nightclub from Delhi, which opened only a while ago has quickly turned into the spot where everyone wants to be on a weekend. It has some really classy events where Delhi’s crème de la crème can be spotted partying.
Hybrid - Club making Delhi the party capital of India
Running a close second is Informal @ Tolstoy Lane, which has become Delhi's hottest party place.
Informal - Clubs that make Delhi the party capital of India
For more information visit Informal@Tolstoy Lane  
Call on +91-9999123201 for reservations.
The infamous Imperfecto is still the coolest place to be on a weekend in Gurgaon, and the opening of Informal in Delhi is blurring the lines between a cafe and a bar and is ready to make Delhi party like never before! 
For more information visit Imperfecto 
Call on +91-8800669187 for reservations.
Other longstanding and happening places include Nero @ Le Meridien and White Waters @ CP, both of which have DJs, cocktails and great food. Wherever you choose, you are guaranteed a good night out with all the Delhi night clubs have to offer. 
For more information visit Nero @ Le Meridien 
Call on +91-7053127486 for reservations.


For more information visit White Waters @ CP 

Call on +91-7053126851 for reservations.

If you're a local then you already know where the crowd is headed, but if you are new to the city then stay tuned for more pieces on what with amazing city has to offer. An impressive line up of DJs spinning everything from drum and bass to break-beat, this city's chief attraction is not just its historical spots but also some perfectly created shots and cocktails offered by talented bartenders. 
Nightclubs and restaurants also offer Happy Hours where one can tank up before hitting the dance floor. 
For more party destinations visit Party Hotspots at LiveInStyle encourages you to Party Responsibly!