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published time By Vanessa published time 03 Apr, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

Clubbing is a lot like a Happy Meal. It’s great occasionally, but when you eat one too many, you realise it’s not that great and that there are plenty of other options that could actually be a lot better.  

If you’ve already realised that, good for you. You’ve transitioned from believing there’s more to partying than Harwell remixes in a noisy, sweaty room full of strangers. It’s safe to say you’re more likely the type who’d prefer a more intimate house party. And we totally get you! 

Here are a few things you like us, will be able to relate to if you prefer house parties over clubbing. 

You are welcomed with a friendly “heeeey!” instead of an entry fee at a house party
At house parties you are welcomed into your friend’s home with a hug and a chorus of happy people yelling, “Heeeeey!” We’ll definitely take that over paying to enter a place where you have to share the dance floor with people you don’t know and dance to music you may not even like. 
Things Only People Who Prefer House Parties Over Clubbing Will Understand

Jeans and chappals are totally acceptable outfits at a house party
It’s so relieving to swap those 6-inch heels and leather shoes for cosy sandals, because comfort is the main criteria when hanging with your friends at a house party.