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Tango and hip-hop are okay, but have you ever truly unleashed the beast within you on the dance floor with your thumkas on Bollywood music? If not, here’s your chance because we are about to tell you the best places in the city that have just the perfect dose of Bollywood tracks you need to shimmy and shake like there’s no tomorrow.
So, without further ado: Let’s NACHO at these best places for a Bollywood night in Mumbai

Club Sirkus, Vile Parle
Sahara Star hotel’s Club Sirkus has taken it upon themselves to ensure a memorable Bollywood night to all the patrons who turn up and we love it. Keep your Fridays and Saturdays free to hit the club and have the time of your lives with their cool music scores.
P.S. The folks here are very particular about the dress code. So you may want to switch those flip-flops for something better. And no shorts too. 
 Let’s NACHO On Bollywood Music At These Hubs In Mumbai
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Carouse, Lower Parel
If you are bored AF and want to add some cheer to your mid-week blues, we suggest you visit this amazing bar. The in-house DJ here spins everything from 90s hits to the recent Bollywood numbers that can make your stress vanish into thin air in no time. While you are here, you may also gorge on their customisable three-course meal which is the highlight of Carouse.
 Let’s NACHO On Bollywood Music At These Hubs In Mumbai

99 Bollywood Bar, Khar
Yes, the name is a dead giveaway and the bar stays true to its name. This is where you get all the peppy Bollywood tracks to enjoy and dance to. The bar has a spacious dance floor giving you enough room to do that ‘hook step’ of a song you know you can totally nail. So, if you want to show off your dancing skills, you know where to go now. You’re welcome!

Radio Bar, Bandra
If you are looking to dance the night away on some foot-thumping Bollywood tracks, this is the place. Radio Bar is perfect to shake off your work stress with a full-blown Bollywood night. While you are unwinding, you can also check out their gorgeous interiors and fill your tumtums with their delectable food on offer.

Glocal Junction, Worli
Don't get alarmed if the night starts off with a little House-EDM or Despacito because when it strikes 11 p.m, the DJ suddenly becomes all desi. Yes, really. There’s pulsating Bollywood music from then on and you are free to throw your thumkas and matkas till you are almost ready to drop. 
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Did we miss out on your favourites? Let us know in the comments section below.