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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 12 Apr, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

As the saying goes, Bandra is where the party is - usually at least! If you're someone who is not used to partying in Bandra (whether you're new to the city or live elsewhere) here is a list of some amazing places you should check out, from the old school to newer options. Read on!

1. Hawaiian Shack: One of the most iconic and best loved watering holes in Bandra, Hawaiian Shack is the living, breathing definition of ‘chill.’ The ambience is cozy but cool, unassuming yet on trend - true to its name, a little bit of Hawaii (or Goa) in Mumbai. This is one of those places that has been around for eons (it opened in 2003) but not lost any of its awesomeness. Even though it closed down and reopened recently, it remains a go-to place on the Bandra scene.

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2. Toto’s Garage: Full marks for the brilliant decor! Toto’s Garage is one of the most popular dive bars in the city - and it’s easy to see why. For the uninitiated, a car hangs over the bar, great music is always playing (mostly rock), the drinks are cheaper than other bars in the area and the place is always packed with similarly cool people. The food isn’t too much to write home about, but definitely a place to visit for the vibe.

Toto’s Garage interior outlook

3. Bonobo: The charm of this place lies in its beautiful, al fresco space under the starry skies (or Mumbai’s skyline!) The inside area with a buzzing dance floor is in sharp contrast, and where you choose to sit really depends on what sort of night you’re looking for. Bonobo is friendly but yet chic, serving up gourmet dishes and wonderful cocktails. Personally, I love their ‘two ingredient cocktails’ - simplicity is the best and I’m done swirling a grocery shop in my cocktail glass!

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4. Janata Bar & Restaurant: When I first visited Janta with my friend Moon a few years ago, I was so excited - I was finally visiting THE Janata Bar in Bandra! As you can probably guess from my anecdote, there is a lot of buzz around the place - it is down to earth, no fuss, no frills, no nothing - but remains something of a legend. It’s one of the city’s most popular quarter bars, a place where you buy and drink your liquor by the bottle, like you would off a shelf. The food is also worth mentioning. Our picks? The chicken tikka, the chilli chicken, and crispy vegetables. 

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5. Olive Bar & Kitchen, Bandra
The flagship Olive Bar & Kitchen is the place to go if you want a nicer night out - it is a place where the city’s happy people congregate to dine well, to dip into an outstanding cellar, and to linger over laughter and conversation. The unhurried, bohemian vibe and ambience makes it the perfect location for a date under the skies. Check out their new cocktail menu of signature cocktails - which they say are infused with fresh ingredients and homemade syrups, shrubs, bitters and infusions. At Olive, you will also find the speakeasy ‘Dirty Martini’ which is part of the establishment and is restaurateur AD Singh’s experiment with the speakeasy concept.

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6. 145: Kala Ghoda’s favourite hub and watering hole, 145, opened up its second outpost in Bandra. It is a fun place, retaining the fun vibe of 145 Kala Ghoda while steadily making its presence felt as a great place to be out dancing in Bandra. Energetic music that oscillates from today’s hits to throwback tunes, food that is familiar, delicious and affordable, and a warm vibe make 145 Bandra a spot we see ourselves coming back to, over and over again. Don’t forget to tuck into the amazing food - magic masala potato skins, bhel made from kurkure, crushed cheeslings in spinach soup, and a cotton candy tower as one of their desserts encourages you to drink responsibly