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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 26 Feb, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

If you're someone who loves cocktails, you have something to cheer about. There are some wonderful new resto-pubs that have opened in Mumbai that serve really lovely, innovative cocktails. Here's a list of where to go and what to try!

Urban Foundry, Colaba: A foundry is a factory that produces metal castings – and the Urban Foundry takes this unusual concept up beautifully, making it one of my favourite concept resto-bars in the country. Expanding from its popular locations in Pune, Urban Foundry has recently opened doors in Colaba (Mumbai). The resto-bar is located in a charming old building with a mellow, dimly lit ambience that lives up to the foundry concept thanks to industrial style décor elements.  In fact, interestingly, he attention to detail is so high that even the cutlery follows the theme! Order the Dal Makhani with Chura Paratha, Avocado Spice Roll, Olive Cheese Kulcha or Massaman Curry with jasmine rice rounded off with a highly recommended frozen Red Velvet Kulfi. 

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Cocktails to try: For those who love cocktails, check out the innovative drinks (My Big Fat Indian Welding, which contains Antiquity Blue and Bourbon), Also worth trying to Black is Black (with Tanqueray), Knuckle Up (with Ketel One), Mumbai Meri Jaan (with white rum) and Chi-tini (with Smirnoff and black chai). They also have interesting crafted ice drinks and specialty canned drinks on offer.

Lady Baga, Lower Parel: Located in Kamala Mills (the hippest location in town, currently) Lady Baga is funky, fun and vibrant. The colourful and bright ambience screams ‘Goa’ in no uncertain terms – as close as you can get to hip beach in the heart of Mumbai – as it transports you to a beach shack in Goa. There is a huge projector displaying a beach view and there’s sand on the ground. The dancing waiters wear typical beach shirts and the music is happy and light. The spacious area is spread over two floors so there’s enough space to be comfortable. The Goan Curry is a must-have – pair it with some interesting whisky cocktails for a neat combination. If you’re in the mood to indulge, do try the freak-shakes or golas. 

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Cocktails to try: Their cocktail menu is inspired by Goa and carefully crafted to infuse Goa in a glass (check out the kokum-infused Fisherman’s Tonic). Also good is Moonshine & Hooch (which contains cashew vodka), Ginger Man (Scotch with tamarind juice and ginger) and the very special Baba O’Riley.

Pergula, Colaba: If you’ve been around in Mumbai in the last decade or so, you’d know HQs – the popular place above Café Royale at Regal Circle. HQs has been made over and has re-opened as Pergula. It has an interesting décor – true to its name, it tries to bring an outdoorsy garden feel to their compact space. 

Cocktails to try: Pergula’s highlight is the amazing cocktails menu curated by ace mixologist Dhaval Pillay. Try Merked (whisky, toasted coconuts, spices and egg white) or the Hundo P (Espresso with beer, cocoa and pistachios). The vodka popsicles come in six flavours (from mango and gulkund to khus and kala khata) and are a must-have. Do also try the Paan Spheres – basically vodka paans. 

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Tippling Street, Juhu: Located in what seems to be fast becoming the hub of restaurants in Juhu, the Juhu Church area, Tippling Street has you at hello. It’s a classy, sophisticated experience with great music, romantic lighting and lovely food. The resto-pub overlooks Juhu beach and can be a beautiful experience during sunset.

Cocktails to try: Shinsei (seaweed infused vodka), Say Hi To The Devil (truffle infused vodka with a homemade coffee concoction), The Blue Fairy (copper blazed Bourbon with homemade blueberry)

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