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published time By Liveinstyle published time 02 Feb, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Mumbai - One name, many associations. Mumbai holds a different place in different people's hearts and means various things to them. Everyone attaches a different feeling, a different memory with it. But in the end everyone falls in love with this city. While there are many reasons for that, the one that is the most common is the freedom this city gives. The freedom to live, to breathe, to grow, and to party. The hub of the best party destinations, Mumbai is known for its parties & nightlife.

Different people like to party in different ways and there is one place in Mumbai which caters to all kinds of party lovers and that is BKC, or Bandra Kurla Complex. What looks like a commercial complex from the outside is a complete fun zone on the inside. Housing a big number of pubs, bars, and nightclubs, BKC is a gold mine of party spots. Lets see how it manages to attract different party lovers all at once.

First discussing those who love to party in the conventional way, which includes dancing to crazy beats, chugging down drinks, and taking regular food intervals. BKC has a lot in store for them. Drinkery 51, Hitchki, and BKC DIVE are some of their options. They differ on decor since Drinkery 51 has more of leather and wooden furnishings and gives a very British feel and Hitchki, on the other hand, has minimalistic and simple decor giving it a classy look. Then we have BKC DIVE with its casual and uber cool decor complete with a bar. However they are all on the same platform when it comes to music and dj.  The dj at Drinkery 51 makes the crowd go wild with his tracks, Hitchki gives full nightclub feels with its Bollywood Nights, and BKC DIVE has live dj.

Now coming to those who are not fans of dancing and like a casual dinner with lots of booze and conversations with their gang. For them, BKC has The Good Wife and The Irish House, both boasting of bar counters displaying an impressive collection of drinks from all around the world. However they are on different pages when it comes to food. While the Irish House serves European and American food, The Good Wife serves Italian delicacies ( no pun intended). The decor differs too. The Irish House, as the name suggests, is Irish themed with lots of woodwork and an Irish pub like vibe. On the other hand, The Good Wife, while it too has elegant wooden furnishings, it maintains a neutral yet classy tone.

And now for the one that caters to both kinds - True Tramm Trunk. With the seating arrangement comfortable enough and the supply of drinks long and diverse enough to keep people seated and in the mood to party, this place allows a lazy evening here with friends. It also has dj that plays some great dance numbers for those who wish to hop the whole night. No matter what people do they all gorge on True Tramm Trunk's burgers, pizzas, biryanis, sushis, and street food items. 

Now that we have proved that BKC is the one stop solution for your search for the best party in Mumbai, we rest our case.

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Image credits: lbb, loveshoes