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Millennials. Any change in behavioural patterns or societal norms is accredited to that one word. A generation of us.
One of the most talked about changes is the rise of the pub culture. In India, we’d like to call it the rise and rise of the pub culture.

Gone are the days when weekends were about laying back and going out, socialising over a couple of drinks, maybe going to a club or a weekend getaway. Come Sunday, most would prepare to relax and get ready for the week ahead. Be it a late brunch, a lunch or to grab a simple snack, socialising opportunities with your buddies are many. 

But, no longer.
Evolution Of Pub Culture In India

Have you ever been in a situation and realised Wednesday is the new Friday and Sunday is the new Saturday? That’s right, it is! 

Let’s Go Bar Crawling!
India’s pub culture has seen a steady growth in the past few years especially in cities where the term was almost unheard off. 
Grabbing a drink at the bar next door is the usual practice, especially amongst working professionals to de-stress. Casual meetings too occur at these bars post official work hours in the more ‘hip’ organisations.
With the steady increase of work pressure, we feel the need to get a drink. Maybe a drink with co-workers, or to catch up with friends on a weekend or grab a drink with the new guy you swiped on Tinder.
Pubs too are thriving on this lifestyle and are using innovative ways to bring in the crowd. Most bars across cities have various offers and events on weeknights compared to weekends. The demand to wind down at these places witnessed the birth of interactive ways to capture the attention of bars. 

Grab The Mic 
Many a pubs offer Karaoke on Tuesday, live performance on Thursday and the most common, ladies night on a Wednesday where one sees a plethora of women of all ages letting their hair down. Comedy nights are big in today’s pub culture too giving rise to comedians as professionals altogether. 

What’s more - Bars cum co-working spaces, bars for singles, bars with innovative food concepts because hey, who doesn’t like a bite to eat with a chilled cocktail after a hard day’s work? Maybe an Old Fashioned or a classic Scotch whisky with a plate of French fries. Want to know more about this wondrous concoction? Read more

For those who may not want to go out on a weeknight but still want to enjoy a relaxing sip of the classic whisky on the rocks, are often seen to invite buddies and co-workers to join them in their homes along with a few nibbles. The millennial pub culture in India booms beyond its pubs! 

Move over movies, millennials love a good dose of a LOL-worthy weekend. From stand-up performances to improv acts. Read more

Fun fact: It’s not just the millennials who are encouraging the growth of the pub culture, it’s even the generation in their 40’s. With weekends being spent with families, most older couples or singles find it more relaxing to catch up and go out on a weeknight. Go to any bar on Karaoke night and you’ll see men in their 40s singing off-tune with their glasses of whisky! 

Be A Designated Driver

Being a #1 yaar also comes with a level of responsibility of looking out for one another at all times. Be the designated driver of the group after a night of partying with your friends. All you need to do is step in and let McDowell’s #No1YaariPatrol take over! Just tweet to @No1_Yaari and they will make sure your yaar goes home safe in a cab. 
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