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We know the thrill of sneaking out of work early and watching your favourite team play. A nail-biting match, a passionate group cheering on over a couple of drinks can be made amazing with the right watering hole. 

And Hyderabad has aced this space with some of the best sports bars in the country. Trust us, this city is not just about biryani. 

Check out these sports bars where you can cheer for your favourite team.

1. Xtreme Sports Bar
Love IPL? Head to Xtreme sports bar. The energy of this place is brought by all the sports fanatics out there. All you have to do is grab a chilled drink  and a bean bag while you take in the sports fever. You can also play foosball, pool and air hockey too.
LiveInStyle Loves: The cheer of the crowds when a wicket goes down over the crunching of munchies.
Cost for two: INR 850

Cheer On At These Best Sports Bar In Hyderabad
Image Credits: Zomato

2. Rush Sports Bar
This sports bar offers live match screenings, amazing live music, and a bowling alley – all this in a chilled out space that screams comfort. 
Just grab a bean bag, find a good spot and settle in with a tub of popcorn to watch your favourite team play live! Now that’s an experience. 
LiveInStyle Loves: While the gaming options are in abundant, this place also has a grand buffet and an a la carte menu. 
Cost for two: INR 1,400

Cheer On At These Best Sports Bar In Hyderabad
Image Credits: Zomato

3. Mustang Terrace Lounge10
If you, like us, love high-rise rooftops, this place is where you should go! Known to be one of the oldest lounges in Hyderabad, this spot is a go-to one, thanks to its kickass location. And if that’s not enough, the Mustang specials and pastas on the food menu are definitely a hit! 
LiveInStyle Loves: There’s nothing here we don’t love, the food, the ambience, this lounge holds a special place in our hearts. 
Cost for two: INR 1,300

4. Tollgate
This themed café and bar is straight out of a highway dhaba. Walk into this place and you’ll spot an entire wall decked up with signages you see on the roads. From the petrol pump sign to stop, a flashing signal and even a no parking zone. Isn’t that cool?
 If that doesn’t impress you, the low seats are carved out of car tyres.  

LiveInStyle Loves: You can even call ahead in time to check the screening schedule of the IPL matches.

Cost for two: INR 700

Image Credits: Zomato

5. 10 Downing Street 
Walk into this magnificent place named after the famous house in London. Take in the elegant ambiance, and décor that is simply perfect for your cricket cravings. Catch every IPL screenings here after work on the big screen. 
LiveInStyle Loves: The pulsating vibe of this place when a point has been scored over some Long Island Ice Tea. 
Cost for two: INR 1,900

Image Credits: Zomato

*Drink Responsibly