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Pubs near Church Street

Church Street Social

Social is a collaborative workspace, a hub for artists, designers, and innovators. It’s where entrepreneurs meet photographers, writers meet web developers, creative independents meet to bounce... View More

Drinks On MG - Cocktails and Conversation

Ever wished for a warm and comfortable corner of the city which you could make your own? Ever wondered why there are no places to simply have genuine conversations over a drink? Ever hoped for a bar... View More


A trendy and cool bar & cafe to slow down and watch the world go by. Just come grab a chill beer and one of our fantastic cocktail mixes by the pitcher.


Colours seem to come alive at the Icelandic Hoppipola near Church street. Every evening, this place is brimming with lively music and rapturous spirit, enough to get you into the dancing boots.... View More

12th December
  • Sorry there are no events available