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Pubs in Ballygunge

Smoke House Deli

  Smoke House Deli is an all-day café and delicatessen. This award wining brand serves everything from pancakes to noshes, pastas to burgers and desserts to cocktails.


Welcome to Chili's -- a place where you can spend time with your friends, your family, the ones you love the most. Sit back. Order an appetizer, enjoy a great dinner, indulge in a dessert... and make... View More


This restaurant  serves you the best fish. They serve original super quality bhetki fish.Coming to their main course, the chicken bharta, chicken tikka rara and butter naan are really... View More

Su Swagatam

A very good place if you are looking for eap drinks and food and have enough time to kill win friends. It is spacious so they won't chase you away. The pan fried fish is a must.

Smoke Shack

Nestled away on Park Street, Smoke Shack offers one of the finest rooftop wine-n-dine experiences that the City of Joy can offer. It consists of both inner as well as an outer lounge, complete with a... View More

12th December
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