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published time By Man's World Magazine published time 16 Dec, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

The festival is renowned as Asia’s biggest and we give you the lowdown on why it’s earned this reputation.

Sunburn Goa


It’s a sandy paradise.

The dunes of Rajasthan and the backwaters of Kerala both have alluring qualities but you cannot imagine Sunburn with the same impact anywhere else in the country but on Goa’s mythical beaches. There’s something about that moment when your feet comes into contact with the sand, when the waves, nature’s metronome, click into ears, relax your system and transport you to a whole different place. Add to that Goa’s special place in our collective conscious as a ritual wind-down pilgrimage, where the rules of everyday-life are suspended, time ticks by slower, and life is enjoyed the way it should be.

It’s one, large open-air club.

Make no mistake, Sunburn Goa has better sound than most Indian nightclubs and bars. It has better light shows than most high-profile events. And the production is of a scale that even international festivals look to it as a reference point. In essence, Sunburn takes the best of the club world, magnifies the experience hundred-fold and presents in it in the most enjoyable fashion for fans of electronic dance music to consume. Who can refuse such delightfully and painstakingly elaborate plans made simply so you can have a good time?

You can hang out with people your own age.

College canteens, corporate pantries, bars and theme nights aside, modern life offers few genuine opportunities to interact with people in a social setting where you can end up with at least a slim chance of making new friends. Now, consider Sunburn. When half a million people congregate over three days, you’re ever so likely to have quality time on and off the dance floor to connect with and make friends not from you own city and country but from across the world.

You can leave all your worries behind.

Ever since Woodstock in 1969, electronic dance music has always been the catalyst of change, urging people to leave their troubles at the door, and commune on the dance floor. From the emergence of gay rights with disco to techno born out of the desolation of the auto industry in Detroit, the electronic dance music has shown people that where there is a beat, there is an escape. In India, Sunburn Goa has shown that in spite of everything that the country is going through or all the troubles you are facing at home, you can safely forget about them for a while. And when you leave, you’ll be able to tackle them afresh.

You will discover many new, amazing artists.

Let’s say you love Martin Garrix and David Guetta. But you have no idea who KSHMR is (he’s an Indian-America producer-DJ from Berkeley, California who is the highest debut entrant on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list of 2015 on no 23). Perhaps you’re crazy about the tropical house of Kygo and electro vibes of Dutchman Headhunterz but have never stumbled into the sounds of quirky Canadian duo Art Department. Sunburn has over 150 artists playing on seven stages for three days. It’s like a top quality ‘randomiser’ playlist, except that the music’s not on your iTunes any more, it’s live, right in front of your eyes. 

It’s a carnival with all kinds of attractions.

Between the drops and the kick, the bass and snares, the psy and techno, there is so much else going on at Sunburn. The festival brings together all the awesome activities you’d usually find in adventure and theme parks to an electronic dance music event. From flea markets to ferris wheels, bungee jumps to helicopter rides, hot air balloon trips to flame-throwing fire jugglers, Sunburn has all the elements of a Hollywood carnival matched in equal parts by loads of Bollywood-style colour and drama.

You can even go camping.

Many EDM events suck the life out of you with all the hassle of commuting to and fro, looking for parking and then walking up to where all the action is. Sunburn has no such hassles. Fans can choose to camp on-site where enjoy all the amenities that your local Goan resort will have on offer. Bars, eating options, special activities for campers and most of all, access to the festival anytime it catches your fancy.

You can dance your heart out.

Indian states are notorious for their restrictive deadlines. Even bustling metros like Hyderabad and Bangalore that are chock-a-block with youth looking to let their hair down are forced to leave clubs by midnight or 1am. That gives the average clubber or EDM fan less than two hours of time to groove to the music. Not so at Sunburn Goa. Three days of incredible music followed by countless number of after dark parties and even more after parties allows you to dance till your feet give up on you.

You can dress the way you like.

Let’s face it, you’re sometime wary about snitches when you’re partying out in your own city. But far from the prying eyes of parents or friends of the family or that one guy who’s simply jealous of your popularity, you can unveil those shorty shorts you’ve been itching to try on all year. Or bear that mid-riff in all its toned glory. And show off your love for neon all you want without being judged for it.

It’s a destination festival.

Travelling is its own reward. But making the effort to leave the comfort zone of your surroundings and getting to Goa is a uniquely satisfying experience. Add to that the beach state’s famously chilled out vibe and you have an experience to cherish forever. 


Enjoy the Smirnoff Experience at Sunburn Goa

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