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The world’s most renowned EDM producer and DJ  returns to India later this month to Sunburn Goa. There are many reasons to catch his show and here are some of the most important ones.

When a globally renowned DJ is asked about piracy and says that it brings people to his gigs, you know that he’s not your run-of-the-mill superstar. David Guetta has made a habit of being in the news ever since he broke into the mainstream with his Grammy-winning 2009 album ‘One Love’. Either by becoming the world’s no 1 DJ, as he did in 2011 or for headlining festivals across the world including Sunburn India, where he will play this December. Here are ten reasons for you to go check him out at Sunburn. 

David Guetta - Sunburn Goa 2015


He’s the world’s biggest DJ.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike might have won this year’s top 100 DJ’s award but when it came to handing the responsibility of playing two closing sets at Coachella, who did the organisers turn to? You guessed it? David Guetta. And the  French DJ  didn’t just bring the house down, he did so in style, bringing on stage the Black Eyed Peas on the first weekend and a double bill of Rihanna and Beyonce the next.


He’s also the world’s biggest producer.

Run through a list of David Guetta’s collaborations and you’ll spot a galaxy…no, a milky way of stars. Everyone from David Bowie to Estelle, Kid Cudi to Akon, Snoop Dogg to Florida, Sia to Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne to Usher…the world’s biggest hip-hop, electronic music and pop stars have sought the David Guetta touch to turn their records into gold , or should we say Titanium?


He changed the sound of pop music forever.

When of the Black Eyed Peas dialled David Guetta in 2009 to collaborate on their next single ‘I Gotta Feeling’, little did he know that he had set in motion a series of events that would change the sound of radio and pop music forever. As the world lapped up the tune, American R&B and pop stars all increasingly turned towards DJs to produce or remix their work, birthing what we today celebrate universally as EDM.


He can play stadiums and intimate club gigs.

Thousand-strong crowds are usually what David Guetta has for breakfast. What most clubbers and fans might not know is that Guetta spent a decade as the resident DJ at several Paris nightclubs (including the Bataclan, recently attacked by terrorists, as he revealed to Rolling Stone India), spinning six- to eight-hour intimate sets. He can knock your socks off in both settings.


He’s one of the most experienced EDM DJs around.

When David Guetta is accused of being a button pusher, the haters have no clue that he started his career in the early ‘90s. That’s close to 25 years worth of DJing experience. That’s only a decade less than the history of house and techno itself. David Guetta can possibly DJ blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back and still be better than most ¨DJs¨.


He’s always reinventing his sound.

It’s easy for any superstar to fall into delusions of grandeur. Not so for Monsieur Guetta. When Rolling Stone India interviewed Guetta earlier this month, he was keenly aware of how similar EDM sets sounded. He said, ¨Everything almost sounds the same. I try to be different by creating different edits of my tracks so that nobody else has those versions of my tunes and the audience doesn’t feel like they are listening to the radio.¨


He’s a great mentor.

Look at Dutch superstar Afrojack’s career trajectory. You’ll find that David Guetta hasn’t just collaborated with him, he’s actively taken an interest in his career. It comes as little surprise that Afrojack constantly cites Guetta as his inspiration. And that their collaboration with Rihanna, ‘Hey Mama’ is one of 2015’s biggest hits.


He’s never forgotten his musical roots.

When Gilles Peterson, the legendary BBC Radio 1 presenter approached David Guetta to craft an Essential Mix in May this year, the Frenchman could have taken the easy route. He could have stitched together his biggest hits or chart-topping EDM tunes. Instead, he dug out all his old house music records and lovingly mixed an ode to the genre that’s made him who he is today. And in the process, introduced millions of fans to the roots of EDM.


He has the conviction & dedication to his music

It takes a certain confidence in your own stardom and fame, to label a series the way Guetta did. Pin it down to him being from Paris, the glamour capital of the world. Or that his ex-wife Cathy has a fine business mind. But Guetta’s parties on Ibiza at Pacha with their erotic decor and incredible production are the go-to events each summer. If you can’t make it there, don’t fret, the compilations give you a good taste of the music. And you can Youtube the rest.


He’s actually your average Joe or Ravi.

Imagine growing up in a household where your dad’s a professor. The pressure of growing up to be something or someone. The Paris- born Guetta,  who is of  Belgian-Moroccon Jewish origin,  was constantly being pulled up by his teachers for not paying attention to his studies. For the longest time, he was largely DJing for himself in his basement, hoping that one day the blank wall would be replaced by thousands of screaming fans. That’s like your dreams, or ours. 


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