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published time By Man's World Magazine published time 16 Dec, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Music festival fashion is now a thing. So if you’re an EDM fan, you’re likely planning your wardrobe as much as you’re trying to figure how to juggle stages to catch your favourite acts who might be overlapping each other. Perhaps you’ve had a hectic end of the year with college projects or wrapping up that last-minute presentation at work. Pallavi Singh, co-founder of fashion blog Moda Ninja helped us to come with a primer of ten tips on how you can work the sun, sand and the party scene.

Fashion at Sunburn Goa


Block the sun 

When Baz Luhrmann advises you to wear sunscreen for the future, you’ve got to trust him. Use a sunscreen with spf 30+ to protect your skin. If you are an early bird kind who loves to stay on from start to finish, carry a tube of sunscreen and reapply regularly. The heat can also play havoc with your hair. Some totally chic options are fedora hats, spike caps or bandanas, and these cut across both sexes. Turbans are a rage these days for women and they protect your hair as well. Use quirky print or tie-and-dye scarves for a cool DIY version of turbans.


A no-brainer for a beach festival - you have to shield your eyes from harsh UV rays. Get a cheap pair with UV protection in funky reflector glasses sunnies in cat eyes, club master or Lennon frames. Please throw away those Kanye West shutter glasses, they make you look like a douche.

Seventies fashion

The disco decade made a comeback in big way across runways from New York to New Delhi. Think flared bottoms, high-waist everything, fringes and tassel. Channel your inner wild child to match the decade’s free-spiritedness with floral rompers, embroidered off- shoulder tops, fringed boots, tassel skirts, suede miniskirts, tie-and-dye jumpsuits or a chevron print maxi.

White keds

Even if you trundled through the year with one shut, you would have seen the white sneakers everywhere and on every fashionista. Closer home, celebrities like Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor have all been spotted with the white kicks. That’s right, this applies for the guys, too. It’s also the most comfortable fashion trend that even haters of the concept of fashion can follow and fall in love with. Women can work these with a floral dress, a crochet romper, shorts, and even maxi dresses. Remember that the heavy white sneakers a la sports shoes are a big no-no, they are functional not fashionable. This is also a better pick functionally. Flip-flops on the beach are not the most comfortable. And you risk getting your feet crunched by that hot girl who you really would not want get into a row with.


The cape has been the hottest trend across runway this year. Add a cape to the tee-shorts outfit for that extra oomph. Or, add a printed cape on a sundress to jazz it up or be the Seventies wild child with the tassel-end cape. It will also keep you warm when the festival starts winding down or when the nights are cold.


Ladies ditch the flower crown this festival and give the metallic flash tattoos a chance. Stick them on your arms, collar bones, back, and, if you are adventures enough, on your face to really stand out from the crowd. For men, the easiest combination of function and fashion is the wrist-watch: you know that your smart phone’s battery will run out and it’s good to know you’re not going to miss out on that David Guetta set. If you want the ladies to check you out, get yourself the retro Casio chronograph watch in gold or stainless steel.


Festival jewellery should be dramatic and flashy. At Sunburn, jazz up your outfit with flashy head gear, arm cuffs, midi finger rings or hand harnesses. Please leave those feather earrings behind, they are extremely passé.


Remember that lumpen, overweight curse on your back you used to lug to school? It’s hard to imagine but it’s been reinvented as a fashion must-have. It’s doubled back as in a sleeker avatar and you are now spoilt for choice. Pick from aztec prints to faux leather or suede. The best part? it can easily carry all your festival essentials and you are still free to throw your hands up in the air!


Sheer made a big impact this year. It is easy to incorporate into your outfit, too: Wear a bikini below a lace or crochet dress. Or wear a neon bracelet below a backless romper.

Chambray/ Plaid Shirt

A chambray or a plaid shirt (preferably oversized) is a multi-purpose fashion item. It can be thrown over your tank top or dress for a fashionable twist or keep you warm when you’re riding back on your two-wheeler after the festival. It also pairs with a wide range of clothing: hot pants, suede skirts and eve maxi dresses. They are also considered unisex, so the men can try them on as well. 

Enjoy Smirnoff Experience at Sunburn Goa

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