5 Gifts For An #unfake EDM Fan Before They Get Sunburnt

We all have a friend or friends who are hard-core EDM lovers. They make sure that they are travelling all across the country or even the globe to see the world’s best DJs and experience the madness live as it happens. So next time they venture out to dance below unconventionally designed stages and throw cakes at random people make sure you surprise them with gifts that they will really treasure and be extremely thankful.

Here are some lists of gifts that will make any EDM-fanatic extremely happy!





Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs


This is like gospel for every EDM fan. Ear plugs are a must-have in the check list of every festival-goer. The loud sounds at concerts can be really harmful for your ears and you want your friend’s ears to be intact so that later you can feed in all your gossip. So, be a well-wisher and make your friend happy and thankful by gifting them these ear plugs.

Mobile/Bluetooth Speakers

An EDM fan is basically someone who survives less on oxygen and more on music. #Unfake EDM fans want music anytime, anywhere and they want it loud. The market for mobile and Bluetooth speakers erupted in 2014 and it has given birth to a lot of affordable yet good quality speakers. So whenever they are packing their bags, make sure you slip in one of these speakers and see their face glow with joy. 


The EDM culture is no different from football or soccer scene. It is divided into several genres and fan-clubs. Like every team in football has its own merchandise, even EDM artists have their own trademark. Wearing the merchandise of your favourite artists makes you feel like the part of a group and you end up socializing with lot of like-minded strangers. Gift your friend a t-shirt from his favourite DJ and get ready to be suffocated by a bear hug. Also, you can ask your friend to pick up Smirnoff merchandise which will be available for grabs at Sunburn 2014.

Around the world in 80 raves

Educate EDM fans about the rave culture by gifting them this book. The book by Marcus Barnes gives you an insight into the eighty biggest raves around the world. Around the world in 80 raves gives you a comprehensive look into the most famous raves on planet earth. You friend can carry this book while travelling to different destinations and add new venues into their bucket list.

GoPro or other Action cameras

Action cameras are definitely indispensable for every festival-goer. But, only few can afford one of these because they are really expensive. So, if all you friends can come together and chip in some money, then you can surely gift your friend one of the best gifts he can ever imagine. These cameras can also be used to record live experiences during parties and festivals which will stay forever with the EDM-lover.

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