Traditional Bengai Food in Delhi - City of Joy, Maachh Bhaat, Maa Tara

Delhi, being the national capital of India, comprises a wide diversity of people from different states, religious backgrounds, and mother tongues. A cosmopolitan city by nature, Delhi and its people is quick to adapt to trendy lifestyles and ideas while devotedly following old religious customs and traditions; one such group of people are the Bengalis. Due to the large number of Bongs in the Delhi NCR region, Durga Puja is one of the most widely celebrated festivals; what better way to get their true essence than eating traditional Bengali cuisine. Here are a few must-visit places during Durga Puja in Delhi.

City of Joy @ Alaknanda

City of Joy

Seldom do we find a restaurant with an ambience in accordance to the cuisine it serves; it is even rarer to find such an eatery in that very locality. Located in Central Chittaranjan Park (Delhi's Mini City of Joy), this restaurant fits in perfectly in terms of location and décor. You'll feel like you're in Kolkata from the minute you step in; with walls and ceilings swathed with madur, chandeliers made of terracotta, cutlery made out of bull's horn, and hallmark Bengali furniture, all of which is made in Bengal. While the photos of legendary Bengali personalities and monuments compliment the ambience flawlessly, the food is what really appeals to people. With fresh fish flown in from Kolkata along with crabs and prawns coupled with chefs from Orissa, diners can look forward to a memorable and authentic Bengali dining experience, especially during the festive occasion of Orissa, diners can look forward to a memorable and authentic Bengali dining experience, especially during the festive occasion of Durga Puja.

Maachh Bhaat @ Sector 17

If you want to eat traditional Bengali food in a neat and cozy place, Maachh Bhaat is the place to be. With ambience like your dining room well complimented by finely cooked home-made typed food, this is one of the best dhabas you can eat at. Dishes such as the Beguni with Gugni, Allo Bhaja, Bugun Bhaja, and Elis Fish will make your mouth water while desserts like Mishti Doi and Jhilli are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Enjoy a variety of fizzy cold drinks served in small bottles. For those looking to have a delicious meal without denting their pockets, this is definitely the eatery to go as it is known for its awesome Bengali delicacies.

Maa Tara @ Chittaranjan Park

A small restaurant, Maa Tara serves signature Bengali dishes at very reasonable rates. With a seating capacity of about 12 people, this place can provide every customer with spot-on service. The place has a legacy of serving home-cooked comfort food at affordable rates for about two decades, and has kept up to its reputation; it is a favorite for all Bongs and Bengali food cravers. Some of the most popular items are Kosha Mangsho, Murmura Aalu Bhaja, Begunia, and Baata in Shorsho (mustard). The owner's dedication in serving traditional Bengali cuisine along with good service is what has made the place what it is today. Coming here during Durga Puja is a must as specially crafted Bengali delicacies are served, and truly in the traditional sense.

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