Top-notch clubs in Thailand - Route 66, Glow, Q Bar, Bed Supperclub

Contrary to popular belief, a crazy night in Thailand doesn?t always end with you lost and drunk in some random hotel room with no memory of the previous night?s debauchery. Thailand prides itself on having some of the world?s most exciting and happening clubs, from classy elegant modern-day clubs to unusual and down-right bizarre hole-in-the-wall joints that even locals may dread to step into, although most of these clubs are located in the capital city of Bangkok. In fact, the one thing that Thailand does not lack is variety: with the sheer number of nightclubs that almost litter the cityscape, choosing which nightclub to visit can be somewhat headache inducing. To help, we have listed below some of the more popular nightclubs that are frequented by tourists throughout the year.

Route 66


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Possibly one of Bangkok?s most popular nightclubs, it is located in RCA, an area that is famous for its electrifying nightlife scene, and is packed to the rafters on Friday and Saturday nights. This club?s USP is that it is divided into a number of different wings, each of which feature music from an exclusive genre, with either a DJ performing on a turntable or a live band rocking the house out. This place is definitely one to check out if you are hanging out at the RCA area in Bangkok.


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Glow has garnered quite the reputation for itself as a club that caters to more young and trendy clientele. The distinct and authentic Asian-themed ambience is perfectly executed with the well-designed array of traditional lighting and exotic glass fixtures. The club does have a reputation for attracting a more unruly club as the entry is cheaper than most other clubs. However, the popular DJs that are regularly featured and the underground house music club make up for the raucous crowd.

Q Bar

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Q Bar claims to be the number one nightclub in Bangkok as per popular choice of both tourists and locals. They pride themselves on having an extensively varied range of bar drinks from exotic cocktails to classic whisky drinks. The club regularly features famous international DJs, and sports a cosy and relaxing lounge area and a spacious terrace area. The club also sees a mixed patronage consisting of both foreigners and locals, which adds to the cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Bed Supperclub

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 Famous for having one of the most unique ambiances of any nightclub in Thailand, Bed is a nightclub that is highly popular among some of the more elite clientele. The décor is one part club and restaurant and one part art gallery and theatre. With a stark white interior art style and ultramodern art fixtures lend the place an absolutely ethereal feel. Although somewhat on the pricier side, the exquisite food and assorted alcohol menu are very well thought out and properly add to classy feel of the place.

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