The Great Indian Party Dictionary: Part 3

Parties are not occasions; they are a way of life. And, like every way of life, parties in India have a certain language associated with them ? a certain dictionary, if you will. Here?s our second look at the Great Indian Party Dictionary - do remember to check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


Ladies Night
\?l?-d?z\ [nahyt]

The time when guys turn into secret agents. Symptoms may include waiter radar vision, Ninja sipping skills, and no regret when they check their credit card statement the next day

?Wednesday is Ladies Night! We have to go to that bar I was telling you about - free drinks with the girlies, eeee!?


The only time in a year it is socially acceptable (and not unappealing) to have beer froth on an untidy moustache

?Put down your razors boys, it?s Movember - so your deed for a cause?


A wild species from the deer family.
Natural habitat: nightclub entry gates.

?We couldn?t enter bro. There were too many stags at the entry.?

Happy Hours
[hap-ee] [ou-ers]

Spending time with my dog
Sunday afternoon on the couch
Lying down on a beach and reading a good book

Getting 1 + 1 drink free

?Happy Hours at Irish House are on all day now! My life is perfect.?


A really fun event. Everyone that isn?t you seems to keep getting invitations for it.

?Are you going to Bunty?s party tonight? Its going to be killer, dude.?



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