10 Ways To Pump Up a Party

Sometimes you want to do more than just get a drink at a bar or pub; sometimes you really want to party. We scoured the world for 10 of the best nights out, from things you might have done before ? think trivia night or pub crawl ? to brand new experiences that will totally blow your mind.

1. Cabaret fun


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Do you love dressing up? Then you need to head to a venue such as The Wam Bam Club held at The Bloomsbury Ballroom in London. These types of events are usually based on a theme; you?ll find a mix of live music, magic shows, comedy, dance performances and even circus skills. There is a designated time for the show followed by more drinking and dancing until the venue closes.

Try: The Wam Bam Club @ The Bloomsbury Ballroom, Victoria House Bloomsbury Square, London

2. Comedy Club

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Some pubs do a regular comedy stand-up night, others have the odd event every now and then; The Comedy Store in Sydney is a whole pub dedicated to the joys of live comedy. Why not sign-up for Amateurs Night and bring along a few friends. At least that way you know someone will be laughing at your jokes!

Try: The Comedy Store, The Entertainment Quarter Building 207, 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park, Sydney

3. Match your music

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There are plenty of pubs around the place playing the latest tunes, or golden oldies, but what if your music tastes are a little different? Don?t panic, there are pubs around the world that specialise in certain kinds of music too. In the UK there?s even a dedicated ?gloomy? pub night that?s dedicated to the music from classic ?80s band The Smiths!

Try: The Phoenix, 37 Cavendish Sq, London

4. Pets and pubs

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Yes, there are pubs in the world that happily allow you to take your furry friend for a drink. This mostly means dogs ? after all, it?s not that often you take your cat for a walk is it? Bar Great Harry in Brooklyn is apparently a great place to have a drink with your pet.

TRY: Bar Great Harry, 280 Smith St, New York.

5. The classic pub crawl

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A real, proper pub crawl will introduce you to new people, new, unique and hard-to-find bars and clubs, and if you?re really lucky might even become an award-winning nightlife attraction such as the Hong Kong Pub Crawl!

Try: The Hong Kong Pub Crawl; various venues, Hong Kong

6. Cool spaces

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Proud Camden is a pub that has been totally designed to ?fit? its original building ? The Horse Hospital at Stables Market, Camden. The coolest things are the private spaces that have been created out of the original stables and decorated with different themes, including Playboy and Secret Garden.

Try: Proud Camden, The Horse Hospital, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, Camden, London

7. Craft beers and ciders

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If you like your beer and cider, why not try a pub that features craft brews? In Singapore, The Cider Pit specialises in unique concoctions of cider ? and beer ? so you can pick from more than 50 specialist labels. One of each? That?s a nice way to get the party started.

Try: The Cider Pit, 328 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore

8. 24/7 happy hour

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Okay, we know that just about every pub in the world has a happy hour but the Mountain Bar at the Wild, Wild West Casino at Bally?s in Atlantic City has a 24/7 one! Yep, that?s right, happy hour prices for 24 hours, 7 days a week ? hold your horses! There?s also a mechanical bull, which will probably look like a lot of fun after your first 24 drinks? oops, I mean hours?

Try: Mountain Bar at the Wild, Wild West Casino at Bally?s, 1900 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City

9. Computer games

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Yes, yes, we know that you want to go out, but sometimes it?s fun to play games with your mates too, right? There?s a pub night in London, the Cocktails, Karaoke & Sega Consoles at The Hoxton Pony that has all four-generation Sega consoles with all the classic games, and there are prizes for the Console Competition too.

Try: The Hoxton Pony, 104?108 Curtain Rd, Hoxton, London.

10. Quiz night

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The humble pub quiz comes in many forms; there?s the basic one at your local and then the genre-specific kind at various specialist spots. Apparently one of the best in the world is the Tuesday night quiz at New York?s The Gael Pub. Why? Well, because New Yorkers say so.

Try: The Gael Pub Quiz, Tuesday, 1465 3rd Ave, New York

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