Someplace Else, Kolkata

The Salt Lake City of Kolkata was the centre for the East India Company. While the Company and the British have left the country a lot of its culture still remains. While there are a lot of things from the British rule to complain about there are some good things as well. The pub culture was adopted from the British and hey, we aren’t complaining. One of the most popular British style pubs in the city is Someplace Else in the Park Hotels on Park Street. This place is truly like no place else as it hosts some of the hottest live artists every night! That’s right you don’t need to make any plans as any night you visit is guaranteed to enthral you with class entertainment.

Hip Pocket keeping the city young

Having been around for over two decades Someplace Else can be regarded as one of the heritage pubs in the city. It also leads the list of pubs that hosts the most number of live music hours in not just India but all of Asia. This pub hosts over 3285 hours of quality live music a year. Providing a platform to local Bangala rock bands, to bands from other cities to international names Someplace Else is where most artists go to get discovered.

With knowing what to focus on Someplace Else has a pretty straightforward beverage menu. Like a true British pub the pints here are 500ml as opposed to the 330ml pints in the rest of the country, and beer is served in half pint as well. The food menu is also true to a pub and serves finger foods and mini burgers. Keeping it Kolkata style they also have River Betki Satay.

So pick any day and take a trip to Britain by visiting Someplace Else and revel in the live acts, enjoyable drinks and delectable food. 

For bookings, please call : +9133 32955974

Image Credit : Wikimedia Commons encourages you to Party Responsibly!

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