Single On Valentine

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Staying single is a choice for some people, whereas for a few others it is a ?situation? wherein they have no choice. Singletons wait for this day to boast about how awesome they are being the ?lone wolf,? but deep down wish that their secret crush should break up and come running into their arms. However, till the time you have alcohol, there is no force on this planet that isn?t with you (Nerd alert). We have tried our best to make this day just about you and your alcohol, and in this attempt, we have come up with (rather created) drinking games that would make sure that you don?t cry yourself to sleep..(Sober).

So grab a bottle of Smirnoff, call your other single friends together to #Unfake it, and keep scrolling down till you hit rock bottom:

If you can relate to the following situations, drink! 

  1. You are asked to be a part of Singles-Party
  2. You hear Taylor Swift anytime
  3. Someone posts a Facebook status about how deeply s/he are in love 
  4. Someone calls Valentine?s Day stupid 
  5. Somebody asks why you?re still single 
  6. You decide to eat your feelings 
  7. You end up on Facebook, stalking your ex?s current love interest 
  8. Someone asks why do you drink so much 
  9. You end up reading blogs which explain ?The Perks of Being Single? 
  10. How do you see your Valentine?s day next year 

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