Restaurants Serving Exotic Chinese Cuisine in Bangalore - Noodle Bar, Memories of China

Obsessed by the ?Indianised? Chinese food, most of us are alien to the authentic flavours of the mainland China. From roadside stalls to five stars, Chinese food makes way into our hearts like no other cuisine. Following is an assortment of Bangalore?s best restaurants serving Chinese delicacies in its most authentic form:

Noodle Bar (Whitefield)

Located on the first floor of Phoenix Market City Mall, Noodle Bar provides its visitors a flavoursome journey to China. With gorgeous lights suspended from the ceiling, walls painted in red, and a simple seating arrangement, Noodle bar feels like a quintessential Chinese restaurant. The service is prompt and the stewards are thorough with their menu and suggestions. You cannot miss out on their Coconut Jaggery Dragon Rolls, Chicken Classic Chop Suey, and Shanghai Dumplings. The succulent chicken offered will melt in your mouth. End this lovely gustatory experience with your favourite Four Seasons Wine.


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Memories of China ? Vivanta By Taj (MG Road)

Embodying the true essence of the Chinese culture blended beautifully with style and modernity, Memories of China lives up to reputation of a Taj restaurant. The contemporary décor spells luxury and magnificence everywhere. You can also witness the skilled chefs at work, thanks to the live kitchen. The service is impeccable, as you would expect. The Spiny Lobster deep-fried in Tong Sauce, Steamed Snapper Fillet with Crispy Soya Bean,Peking Duck, and Deep Fried Eggplant Togarashi Spiced are savoury and cannot be missed. Order your favourite spirits to cleanse your palate, and gift yourself a memorable dining experience.


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Mainland China (Indiranagar)

Probably the largest chain of fine-dining Chinese franchise in India, Mainland China stands unrivalled in its domain. It has won the Golden Spoon Award for most admired food service retailer of the year-dine in International Cuisine in 2011. The ambience is warm and soothing. The staff here is remarkably courteous. You will come back to this shrine of authentic Chinese flavours for its Drunken Chicken in Shaoxiang Wine, Barbecued Chicken with Mantao Buns, and Harkao of Prawn. Wash this down with your favourite blends and experience this unparalleled gustatory journey.

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