Nido: A Haven in Mumbai

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While only a year old, Nido has already become a place that people are starting to return to again and again. A whimsical yet carefully considered restaurant located in Khar, and reminiscent of Italian piazzas in pastel shades and French gardens in full bloom, it is a delightful place to spend a leisurely few hours at any time of the day. Designer, Ashish Shah, who has won awards for his interiors at Nido, has combined a variety of eclectic, weathered furniture (none of which matches), along with flora and fauna, for an indoor conservatory effect. And, considering the word Nido is derived from the word for nest, this effect is appropriate.

The whimsical interior of Nido in Khar-1

While its cozy atmosphere remains constant, the people behind Nido are always challenging themselves to stay original. Chef Vicky Ratnani (the celebrity chef of NDTV Good Times fame) strives to change the menu every week or two, making sure that each dish has some kind of twist for the Indian palate. Nido is especially known for their flatbreads, which are of a staggering variety (special mention must be made of the duck flatbread). The cocktails, too, are fantastic, and the wine list changes every ten days to a month. With all these changes, it is remarkable that Nido manages to maintain its caliber, but here, too, they succeed. Chef Vicky Ratnani is extremely particular about the quality of the produce, meat and seafood, especially the salmon and tuna, which go into their famed flatbreads and small plates. With its European flair and Indian heart, Nido has carved out for itself a very snug niche between two worlds and cuisines.

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The whimsical interior of Nido in Khar-2

The restaurant manager, Keith D?Silva, sees Nido?s European character and commitment to quality and comforts as the key to its success. If you ask how he would sum up the ethos of Nido in a single sentence, he does not hesitate. ?Nido is a home away from home,? he replies. And for its patrons, whether they arrive for a sunny Sunday brunch with friends, or a low-lit dinner with a spouse, that is certainly true.

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