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Life is in the pause. Let the world wait- Black Dog
Thank God it?s Friday! It calls for some time to unwind from all the stiffness induced over the week. Well, partying over weekends is passé; who has the time to wait for the weekend when you can do all of that after work hours? Due to hectic lives, Mumbaikars aren?t traditionally known to head out for a little tipple right after office, but the trend is soon changing. In keeping with this trend, many restaurants and lounges are now ready to cater to the crowd. There is a different kind of romance that comes with drinking during twilight; thus, many places have come up with the concept of drinking while watching the sun set. The Daily, Bandra (W) The Daily is a pint-sized bar with a charming décor that is sure to catch your attention. It has already become a favourite spot for the herds in Bandra. The place is always teemed with people and conversations; thanks to the lovely cocktails in the offer. Absolut Sundaze at The Daily would make you fall in love again and keep you coming for more. Everything here will make you have an instant connect with this place; the décor?the music?and yes, how can we miss the cocktails!  

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Arola, JW Marriott Arola?s The Sundown Project with Live Music is the best way to say goodbye to a Sunday. Try their Gin-based cocktails, gazing over the spectacular view of Juhu beach in front of you. The DJ belts out some quirky, indulging progressive and techno numbers. Black Dog, music, and friends! What better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon or unwind from a hectic work schedule!  

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Aurus, Juhu If you are in the mood to indulge yourself, Aurus? Sundowner Bash is completely for you. We recommend you to try their wide range of cocktails on the offer as well as their delicious barbecued appetisers on the menu. The music here again mostly shuffling between techno, progressive, and house genres. So revel in the groovy music with a drink in your hand, while the sun sets and gives a head-start to a young night.  

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