Lost In Mumbai (Nightlife)


lost in mumbai(nightlife)

The maximum city Mumbai. It is perhaps the most mentioned city in India, a city where all dreams are kindled. A city which is buzzing with high spirits and fast pace. A city with glitz, glamour and sparkle. Writers have written about it, poets have sung it's praise and movies have been made on it. Mumbai has achieved a cult status which very few other cities around the world have attained.

Like most other things in Mumbai, the city nightlife perhaps is no less fascinating than Ibiza and the moniker the city that never sleeps proves it in more ways than one.

Mumbai is colourful and vibrant. The Mumbaikars believe in work hard and party harder.Trends begin and end here. The numerous nightclubs, pubs and bars that light up the Mumbai night-sky entice party-goers with great music and cocktails.

There are world-class terrace bars with amazing view of the city and for those who like to be closer to the ground there are places with superb music and swanky décor. Mumbai being the hub of the entertainment industry, spotting a celebrity is not a rarity.

The latest fashion, the hippest music and the style aura is just a drive away. And the Mumbaikars make full use of it. There are places which play the most contemporary foot-tapping hindi numbers, while the DJs of other clubs spin out the latest tracks by Rihanna or Miley Cyrus.

Some of the places to be spotted in the city are Aer, Dome, Bluefrog, Tote, Insomnia, Onyx and Library Bar.


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