Life is a Beach

?We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch ? we are going back from whence we came.?

- John F. Kennedy

 The quote truly reflects our innate sentiments, symbolizing our need to crawl back to nature whenever possible. With our lives increasingly revolving around material possessions, we find ourselves filled with a greater sense of urge to retreat to the nature. What better place than beaches to get a whiff of nature for us Mumbaikars? Once such iconic place fulfilling our wishes is Dome at Intercontinental, Mumbai. Standing tall at a fine location overlooking the Arabian Sea, this restaurant boasts of a unique ambience. The serene atmosphere is much-need respite in a city that is bustling 24x7. Ensure you dawdle a little longer to witness the stars and candles replace the waning sunlight. Savour every moment of romance this place exudes.


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In addition to the stunning view, Dome offers the city?s two most delectable cuisines celebrated all over the globe: North Indian and Japanese. Such delicious, savory food along with a unique view are sure to overwhelm your senses. The range of drinks, too, is impressive, and would keep you coming back for more. The dash of such inimitable flavors combined with an overwhelming ambience, Four Seasons wine, and the company of your loved ones certainly makes for an unmatchable dining experience.  

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For all you food connoisseurs and nature lovers, who find a sense of therapeutic relief in such places, we bring to you the most exceptional assortment of restaurants where you can enjoy the beach view while eating exotic food and sipping eccentric drinks. Stay tuned for the next piece that will introduce you to your next dreamy place to unwind.

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