India's Coolest Female DJ's

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In the rarefied world of DJing, as with many other areas, men occupy the top positions. There are few people who haven?t heard of David Guetta or DJ Tiesto, or, moving a little closer to home, DJ Ivan. But the world behind the console is changing; more and more women are laying down the rules?and the beat. The most prestigious clubs look for female DJs, and they have played at private events for some of the biggest names in entertainment and finance.

The women who spin are not all alike, however; their styles differ as drastically as their personalities. DJ Kary, for instance, who made the move to DJing from her work at a sound company, was not only one of the first women to DJ professionally in India, but is a trained keyboard player, as well. Her shows, which favour a mix of House, Bollywood and club remixes, are always packed. DJ Megha Kawale, also one of the first female DJs in the country, brings a whole different set of skills to the table. This former supermodel is a veteran of clubs all over the country, and has even been a resident DJ at Mumbai?s Taj Mahal Hotel, spinning her signature mix of Bollywood and electronica. On the other, DJ Smilee, who must be one of the youngest women to don a pair of headphones and bring the roof crashing down from behind the console, is partial to Club, Minimal and Techno. This Chandigarh girl is also a guitarist, and, unexpectedly, a qualified beautician. DJ Pearl, meanwhile, has been instrumental in creating a base for House music in India, while also finding time to be a co-founder of Submerge, one of the biggest electronic music dance parties in India. And that is only the beginning; the list of accomplished female DJs goes on and on. It is obvious from the kind of success that they have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, both in the country and internationally, that Indian women are well on their way to conquering consoles, clubs and everything that lies beyond.

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