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 August is a very sacred month for football fans worldwide since it signals the start of the Barclays English Premier league, the globe's most watched sporting league. Football has begun to a garner a slow but steady following among sporting fans in Bangalore, with most fans supporting one of the many popular teams that competed for the coveted Premier League Championship Trophy. Last season, Manchester City managed to edge their way to a narrow win by leaving it for the last day while helpless Liverpool fans watched their title chances slip away. With the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea also strengthening their squads, this season is perched to be potentially the most competitive and challenging ones yet. Fans looking forward to catching the opening games with friends at a proper sports pub should check out some of the places mentioned below. These sports bars are a glory to the nightlife of any city which is known for its party life. 

Xtreme Sports Bar

Easily one of the most well-known locations for catching a quick drink during a game, Xtreme Sport Bar manages to build an exciting and charged atmosphere during all major match days. The pub is also well known to serve up some tempting offers, especially during days when important games are screened, the opening match day being one of them. Be sure to check out their special soccer platter which includes a few starters and a mug of beer for a reasonable price.

Xtreme Sports Bar, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

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Reservation just a kick away at Xtreme Sports Bar

SBX - Sports Box

Although this is a new addition to the bevy of pubs that Bangalore offers, SBX - Sports Box has begun to draw a steady number of patrons owing to its off-beat décor and extensive happy hours spread. Pictures of famous footballers deck the wall, adding to the authentic pub-like ambience of Western bars, which makes for some stellar night-out pics with your friends.

SBX Sports Bar Bangalore

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3 Monkeys Brewpub

If you're looking for a place to have a mini party with fellow club supports, 3 Monkeys would be highly recommended. The pub has a special private dining area, suitable for 8-10 people, with a dedicated LCD screen so you can and cheer your heart out when your team scores a goal, without having to worry about annoyingly hoity patrons. The place also has an extensive menu of starters, the most popular of which include the beer-batter onion rings and beer-batter prawns.

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With an unmatched rooftop ambience and a mammoth 70-inch TV, Vapour is sure to provide any sports-loving patron with a memorable experience, assuming hopefully that their team wins. The pub featured excellent offers during the FIFA World Cup final and should also have similar offers during the important EPL games, including of course the opening day game. Although on the expensive side, the food is quite decent, with the bacon-wrapped BBQ glazed chicken a highly recommend item.

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Reservation just a kick away at Vapour

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