Home Party Hacks: 4 great themes

It can be very taxing to think up ideas to entertain your guests. Besides food, alcohol, cleaning the house, dusting out the fine china, another thing you need to think about is how to keep your guests engaged. Themes are always a good idea to ensure that your guests also have something to look forward to while visiting you at home. We trolled the net and found a whole array of fun ideas. Here are four themes.

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It’s always a popular idea and when your guests make an effort, they tend to enjoy themselves more. We all know that one friend who will go anywhere in pyjamas. There are a lot of creative ideas to get everyone dressed up for your party. Have a literary themed party so your guests can get inspiration from characters in The Great Gatsby, Alice in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, Macbeth, Oliver Twist, the ideas don’t really end.


It’s not what you think! In this theme you swap things, not people. We all have at least one item at home that is brand new and yet we have no use for it. Have a party and have all your friends bring something like a blender, fruit bowl, lamp, it doesn’t really matter what. At the end of the night everyone walks away a little bit richer and not just for the experience. And there is no guilt the morning after. 

Board Games aren’t bored games:

Drinking games are always a great ice­breaker. Playing board games after a few rounds of drinks is even more fun. Everyone is little less inhibited and a game of Pictionary, Twister or even Charades can only end in peals of laughter.

Art Attack:

Create art as a group. This can be creative or messy and you can even have a competition where the best artist is gifted a bottle of alcohol from your bar. Think Princess Diaries and set up a canvas wall of paint filled balloons. All your guests can throw darts to burst the balloons leaving the canvas with bursts and trickles of colour. Cut up the canvas at the end of the night and you have a give­away for all your friends to frame the night.

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