Finest Chinese Restaurants in Bangalore - Beijing Bites, Xian, Aromas Of China

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Chinese is one of the most celebrated and sought-after cuisine in India. Everybody wants to treat their taste buds with Chinese food every now and then. Finding a Chinese restaurant which does justice to the cuisine is really important. Bangalore city has an impressive array of restaurants which serves you excellent Chinese food. So, next time you if you think of Chinese food, make sure you visit these places.


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Facebook Page of Beijing Bites

Named after the capital of China, Beijing Bites leaves no stones unturned in their attempt to serve the most authentic Chinese food. The place has an extremely pleasant ambiance and the food is utterly delicious. Beijing Bites is a hot favourite as the portions are highly impressive and it is very light on your pocket. You can even get your food delivered at home. Some of the best dishes prepared by Beijing Bites include Veg Hakka noodles, Dragon Rolls, Fried Wonton, Koithio and Mapu Tofu. Overall, a great place to satisfy your craving for Chinese food.


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Google Plus Page of Xian

Xian is the brightest star in the galaxy of Chinese cuisine in Bangalore. The place is an absolute delight thanks to the well-mannered staff and delicious food. Xian is famous for giving you the feeling of the street food in Hong Kong. Xian has a beautiful ambiance, and the seating arrangements are really comfortable. The quantity and quality of the food both are highly praiseworthy. Some of the major attractions of Xian include Jumbo prawns in hot pepper sauce and Chinese fried chicken. A perfect destination to get value for every penny you spend.

Aromas of China

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Aromas of China is the ace amongst all the Chinese restaurants in Bangalore. The ambiance makes you feel extremely comfortable and the waiters are very attentive and prompt. The interiors of the restaurant are a visual treat, which fuses modern design with strong Chinese overlapping tones. The menu includes delectable offerings from Sichuan, Shanghai, and Guangdong.  The staff at Aromas of China helps you to understand the preparation of certain dishes; this gives you the choice to decide your preference before you order. Pan-fried noodles and honey-fish combination are some of the major attractions at Aromas of China.

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