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Tired of too many dress-down parties? Have too many untouched elegant dresses and shoes piled in your wardrobe but nowhere to don them? Here is a list of  Signature Recommended  places in Mumbai you can wear your style on your sleeves. And while you are at it, do not forget to try their scrumptious offerings too!

Escobar, Bandra (W) To all you lovely ladies, swop those flip flops for high stilettoes for a night. Step into a bar that takes kindly assert yourself with elan. The place here boasts of a menu that is guaranteed to pamper your palate with all your favourite exotic international cuisines ? Mexican, Italian, and Spanish. What?s more? The dress that you so longingly wanted to don would never be out of place in this opulent setting.  

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Aer, Worli Situated on the whopping 34th floor of Four Seasons in Worli, Aer offers you a window to one of the best sights of this bustling town. They don?t want you to be peachy perfect, but things such as shorts, slippers, sleeveless T-shirts, and open toed footwear are frowned upon. Thus, you might want to take your appearance a tad bit seriously to feel in sync. Grab some nibbles and wash it down with a peg or two of Antiquity Blue. Bring yourself a date to bandy atop this stunning high-rise, and you cannot think of a better way to end your day.  

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Hype Lounge, Worli The city that is known to never sleep never loses its conviction. One of the most dynamic clubs in the city, Hype Lounge exemplifies the spirit and oomph that crowns the nightlife of Mumbai, and distinguishes it from any other city in the country. Some caveats: frivolous dressing is not encouraged. The food and the drinks offered are in tune with the vibe of the ambience and crowd. If you are in the mood to party, you know where to head!  

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Royalty, Bandra Listed amongst the most buzzing clubs in Mumbai, Royalty never fails to blow your mind. The place offers you an eclectic combination of delicious food, ravishing drinks, and extremely invigorating party music. Make sure that you don?t suffer from a fashion blunder. Most here are far too exacting about the manner of dressing. Nevertheless, enjoy the ?Bandra vibe? in all its glory!  

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