DJ Hamza & Manu Idhra enthrall fans at Raasta, HKV

@ Raasta HKV
@ Raasta HKV

On 1st November 2014 ? Raasta hosted DJ Hamza along with Manu Idhra. DJ Hamza?s set consisted mostly of chill dubstep with foot tapping beats. Manu Idhra, the famous percussionist, was a delightful surprise. His upbeat rhythmic beats on the bongo were mesmerizing! The feisty duo managed to pull a large crowd onto the dance floor.

DJ Hamza has attained a reputation as a pioneer of the house scene in India. His music is influenced from his strong musical background. He has travelled the world and has lived in cities like in Paris, Boston, and New York. Artists like Terry Francis, Dave Mothersole, DJ Heather, and Danny Teneglia inspire his music. DJ Hamza has also set up his own label Wind Horse Records which is the first Indian house music label.

Raasta?s décor is inviting, comfortable and offers a great ambience. Reminiscent of good vibes, the Caribbean lounge was bustling with a lively crowd that swayed to the beats of the dynamic collaboration! They have a wide range of interesting Black Dog drinks and some interesting mocktails (the Bloody Mary was spectacular) ? the perfect place to unwind with a couple of friends! The place was bustling with people, energy and joie de vivre!

 "The ambience is exhilarating, and everyone seems to be having a time of their lives. I'm glad I?m a part of this as Delhi?s traffic and hard life can get to you sometimes; it is places like these that resuscitate you back to life. Dancing with friends is always exciting," exclaimed Karan. Malini, another clubber added, "We loved the great starters, gooey desserts and foot-stomping music, I?m surely coming back!"

Raasta always lines up great events; it?s an exciting place to unwind with friends, especially for some much needed mid-week entertainment to keep you alive and kicking for what the rest of the week has in store for you.

Definitely my favourite watering hole in the Village - Raasta can be described perfectly as a funky Caribbean lounge and has quickly emerged as one of the most vibrant nightlife hotspots in New Delhi.

 - Shivangi Sinha


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