Why You Must Visit Social, Bangalore today?

With important presentations, deadlines, horrible bosses and the ever impending traffic we are at a loss. The one stop solution to these problems is Church Street Social. Located in the heart of town you needn’t be hustled by the traffic because once you enter this space you can spend the entire day here. Social Online during the day offers you a space to engage in all things work. The duplicitous office space turns into Social Offline, just log out to engage in fun. 


Break away from the mundane tech parks where you are cooped up in a cubicle and are quite unaware of the weather outside or have interacted with anyone in hours. Being a “Social” space you have the opportunity to network with people on a professional as well a personal level. Here you will never miss a deadline since you can order your meals while you work and don’t need to even break for lunch. Once that important deadline is met you can shut down and join the clusters of people looking to unwind. Talking of unwinding, the trendy cocktails, bottled and draught beer and straight spirits will do the trick. The ambiance in Social is very neutral and allows you to transition between work and play in a jiffy. Funk it up and try the Cosmo­ Explosion. This is Church Street Social’s take on a Cosmopolitan that is poured over a cloud of candy floss. The food is delicious allowing you to choose between light finger foods, like the Death Wings (for the spice lovers) or a Thai Thali which is a way more substantial meal. 

“All work and no play, makes a dull person” is an old adage we have all been told. At Church Street Social you switch from “Online” to “Offline” in a trice.

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