Bollywood Songs In Bangalore Nightclubs

Keeping with the city's cosmopolitan character, Bangaloreans have always been open to variety. Everything from the interiors and cuisines to even the music is a reflection of the diverse taste that Bangalore possesses. A few nightclubs and pubs around the city have started playing Bollywood music to cater to different sets of guests. Establishments have also started dedicating a night each week to playing only Hindi songs.

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Sutra at The Lalit Ashok has been playing Bollywood music every Friday night for over a year now. Speaking to Explocity Sachin Bhardwaj, manager of Sutra said, We initially started playing Hindi songs because a lot of our guests used to request for that kind of music but the DJ wasn't allowed to. So we decided to dedicate one night in a week to playing just Bollywood music to cater to that set of guests.

Sadananda Naik, manager at No Limmits, says, It (Bollywood music) helps in mixing different cultures and the Bangalore crowd seems to love it. And I don't think the guests will ever get bored of it as we only have one night a week when we play Bollywood songs.

Sources from nightclubs like Sutra, No Limmits and Palazo which play Bollywood songs on particular nights say that the kind of people that come in to enjoy this kind of music are definitely more different than that that come in on any other night. In fact, they reportedly see about 2-4% of foreigners in the crowd on nights dedicated to Bollywood music but they hope that soon there will be just as many foreigners in the crowd as there are locals.

Mayur Tekwani, owner of Levels Entertainment, says, Bollywood Nights bring a variety to Bangalore's nightlife. Hindi songs are a good change and they help in everyone having a good time.?

According to Navaz Bharucha, a student of Christ University, people have accepted Bollywood music very well in Bangalore and it brings a different flavour of music to Bangaloreans.

Presently, no establishments play Bollywood songs every day, but gauging by the popularity of the genre and the way it is received at even parties, that could be a possibility soon.

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