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Royal Challenge - RC recommends# Game for life Few would believe that Cricket is not the national sport of India; such is the level of fanaticism and religious levels of fervour attached to this sport. And with the World Cup approaching, the nation is likely to be gripped with feverish levels of excitement and frenzy. To make things easier for fellow cricket enthusiasts, we have created a list of sports bars in Bangalore to enjoy Cricket in this stadium-like, raucous environment, sipping your favourite Royal Challenge as an ode to your favourite sport.

Doff Pub

Doff Pub Sports Bar in Bangalore

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If you wish to experience a stadium-like ambience, then this is the space for you. It features a surround sound system that provides you with a realistic sound and along with brilliant food and your favourite alcoholic beverage. Also, they have two projectors, four LED screens and foosball tables along with special contests wherein you simply have to predict the final score, after which you shall be awarded a pitcher of Kingfisher beer. So what more do your want? You better head to Doff Pub as soon as the World Cup begins. PS: Try the Geist, Christoffel and Hoegarden Beer.

The Big Pitcher

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Official Facebook Page of The Big Pitcher

This is one of the novel entries into the city and is one of the best known places for its ?glass and wood? settings accompanied with UV lighting all around. Also, it constitutes of a gigantic screen and 20 LCDs. There is a provision of food and drinks themed in accordance to the sport or game that is playing on the screen. Try the Brazilian Samba Pitcher and Brain Damage.


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Have you ever heard of a rooftop setting for a sports bar? If you haven?t, then this is one of the best-known sports bar frequented by the finest crowd and sports enthusiasts. The cricket world cup is arriving soon and this bar is renowned for serving combos that serve unlimited beer and starters (during the FIFA World Cup). So you can expect a similar combination for cricket lovers. Try the Dark Beer, Bacon wrapped Barbeque glazed chicken and corn and cheese bites.

Arbor Brewing Company

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Official Twitter Page of Arbor Brewing Company

Wish to play some football in the midst of the nail-biting game? Well, this is it. You can avail high-definition viewing along with some fresh brewed beer. They also have provisions where if you wear a particular team?s jersey (they conducted this practice during FIFA), then the first beer is on the house. Also, several other goodies are offered for well-dressed fans, etc. Try the honeyed Chicken Wings, Chicken Nachos and Beer tasters.

The Hummimg Tree

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This hosts multiple screens and projectors for all your World Cup requirements along with mouth-watering delicacies, such as Spicy Buffalo Wings and Lamb Skewers. So get going to a sports bar near you for the best world cup viewing experience. encourages you to Party Responsibly!